Disc of Itzamna
Protective Amulet

Asset. Accessory

Item. Relic.

Cost: 3.
Test Icons:

When a non-Elite enemy spawns at your location, discard Disc of Itzamna: Automatically evade that enemy or deal it 2 damage.

Do they fear it because of what it will do to them? Or, do they fear it because of what it will do to you?
Melissa Findley
Harvey Walters #7.
Disc of Itzamna

Interestingly, Roland actually prefers the downgrade to the original. This Disc softens up big enemies and still allows him to get the killshot for the clue, and it's an outright testless clue when used on small enemies. Other than Hallowed Mirror (maybe), I don't think there's another accessory I'd rather have for Roland at level 0.

ClownShoes · 61

If I use the disc on a deep one that is spawning on me does it ever engage me or does the when interrupt it fast enough to prevent the enemy to have been considered engaged with me? (either by evading it or dealing it 2 damage and killing it)

Zerogrim · 260
Before. — MrGoldbee · 1297
Yeah, sadly it does engage you, then you evade. Compare the wording with Think on Your Feet, which definitely takes place before engaging. — LivefromBenefitSt · 927
Technically due to the word "when" you evade or deal damage just before the enemy engages you. It's probably not intended to leave you with an engaged exhausted enemy (though that would be possible), so I'm not sure about the evade case. However, in the damage case, it definitely prevents the Forced effect from applying, since you made the enemy leave play before the "After" timing point for its forced effect. — Thatwasademo · 44
"If the card is an enemy, spawn it following any spawn instruction the card bears. (A spawn instruction is any text bearing a "spawn" precursor.) If the encountered enemy has no spawn instruction, the enemy spawns engaged with the investigator encountering the card and is placed in that investigator's threat area." PLUS The word "when" refers to the moment immediately after the specified timing point or triggering condition initiates, but before its impact upon the game state resolves. The resolution of a "when" ability interrupts the resolution of its timing point or triggering condition. (For example, an ability that reads "When you draw an enemy card" initiates immediately after you draw the enemy card, but before resolving its revelation ability, spawning it, etc.) — MrGoldbee · 1297
MrGoldbee I have no idea what you are saying, before....before what, the enemy engages before the disc OR the disc kills/evades before the enemy, reposting the rule book isn't very useful without any insight, I too read that section and found it ambiguous as Thatwasademo says, it being evaded doesn't actually stop it from engaging based on the spawn rules. — Zerogrim · 260
I don't think it's ambiguous. Before it spawns, it is evaded, disengaging it and exhausting it. Then, it spawns exhausted in your threat area unless it spawned at your location due to a spawn effect, in which case it spawns exhausted and unengaged at your location. — suika · 8741
it spawns engaged with you, then it is evaded (or killed). if it is evaded, the forced effect still triggers, if it is killed, it wont — Adny · 1
Adny, that's not correct, at least with the rules as written. Then "When" triggers before resolving the spawn (aka before placing it into the location/threat area), so the enemy is not yet engaged with you when you evade or damage it. Afterwards, if it is still alive, the spawn continues to resolve, which will result in it being placed either on the location (if it has a spawn effect for the location) or in your threat area (engaging you even if it's exhausted), if you drew it. For it to function as you describe, the trigger needs to be "After" a non-Elite enemy spawns. — suika · 8741
...actually, you could interprete the "When spawn" triggers to be after the enemy spawns in your threat area and engages you, but before resolving the effects of the spawn and engagement. In which case the resolution would be that it'll be properly evaded and disengaged. In such a situation, the enemy will have engaged you, but you won't trigger the effects of the engagement since it dies or is evaded before those effects would resolve. — suika · 8741

At 3 Resources, this is a bit expensive, since that (and the slot) could have gotten you Tooth of Eztli or Grisly Totem, always assuming you can't take Crystalline Elder Sign or Rabbit's Foot. On the other hand, Seeker isn't exactly drowning in enemy control, so this isn't terrible, just a bit overshadowed by other choices. It's the kind of thing that you upgrade out of fairly quickly once your core XP plan is realized.

Fair assessment. I agree it's a little pricey, but Seeker's are kind of spoiled because of the good Dr. Milan. I think this will see more play than it's upgrade. The upgrade doesn't seem worth it, but 2 damage is enough to kill a handful of basic enemies, and an action-less and test-less evade will help get away from non-hunters if they have more than 2HP. — LaRoix · 1605
The damage is also nice against Victory enemies (it'll be dead and scored sooner, while discard would remove the threat from play, it wouldn't help you score the point). This cuts the other way (making the upgrade maybe worthwhile) in TFA. — Yenreb · 15