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Test Icons:

Winifred Habbamock deck only.

Commit only to a skill test you are performing.

"Told you."
Patrick McEvoy
Winifred Habbamock #2.
Anything You Can Do, Better

All of the signatures in this cycle of intro decks are unique in that they're colored in faction. This means that any cards that care about class type can interact with these. For Stella, presumably you'll be able to grab her sgnature from the discard with Resourceful. For Winifred Habbamock, this happens to be a skill card as well, so Daredevil, a card that as far as I'm aware is the genesis of Wini as a character in this universe, can grab this.

As far as review/analysis goes, what else is there to say? It's six wild icons, which is more than Strange Eons even allows for when you make custom cards. Commit it to a big test where you want to stack some major effects, or use it to soften a really terrible test, the choice is yours (or not, as the case may be with Daredevil).

StyxTBeuford · 12852

Right now I think the toughest thing about this card is not immediately committing it to the first test you see. 6 icons (+ icons from whatever other card you will no doubt add to this test to benefit from Wini’s draw) is enough to put you outside most token’s malus range outside any difficulty save expert. Then, since you will be oversucceeding by some amount, you reap the benefits of All In/Nimble/“Watch This”/whatever else.

It’s a stellar card. Learning to save it for when it’s the most effective can make it transcendent

Difrakt · 1215
it has particularly good synergy with Momentum, as you can put some of its power toward the next test — Zinjanthropus · 216

So, having played TCU with Wini; this card is good... but I found myself holding it in tow a whole damn deal for WP tests, which is unfortunate. Of course, you can recur it in varying ways like Opportunist, but it's not reliable, especially on harder difficulties.

Wini being WP1 really hurts her starter deck. There is of course Tennessee Sour Mash or (3); and tons of other cards other investigators can tote, but this feels like the Band-Aid of the deck for that particular problem.

In low WP-treachery campaigns this could probably let you pull off some big plays!

fiatluxia · 61
Honestly, WIni is motivated to overcommit anyway, so even without her sig, with enough draw (esp with lucky Cig Case) you should be able to comfortably overcommit to some will tests. You still have to be discerning, but you can beat Frozen in Fear without much trouble. And there is always "You handle this one!", which should be a staple for any low will Rogue at this point. — StyxTBeuford · 12852
Ah, I don't own TFA yet, but that's a great shout -- def a solid card! — fiatluxia · 61
WP1 = Wonky Player One? — MrWeasely · 41