Asset. Hand

Item. Weapon. Firearm.

Cost: 3.
Test Icons:

Roland Banks deck only. Advanced. Uses (4 ammo).

Spend 1 ammo: Fight. You get +2 for this attack (if there are 1 or more clues on your location, you get +4 , instead). This attack deals +1 damage. If this attack defeats an enemy and there are no clues on your location, place 1 ammo on Roland's .38 Special

Tiziano Baracchi
By the Book #30.
Roland's .38 Special

+4 for signature weapon is amazing. Hell, +2 for one-handed weapon is amazing. And it solves the problem of being at the end of the scenario, collecting all the clues, and not having your gun do very much. Now it has ammo as long as you’re able to keep killing someone, which with enchant weapon, you’re going to get a 3 damage alpha blast at a +7. With quick study, things get even crazier. I’ve built a deck around this card and had no regrets.

MrGoldbee · 1315
Such a cool usage of Quick Study, I love it — FlarkeFiasco · 1
You aren't kidding!! This pistol is amazeballs. I also built a deck around this guy, have a look: — SemiSecretSquirrel · 45
Here's the build: — SemiSecretSquirrel · 45