Telescopic Sight!

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DarthJoJo · 70

In the beginning there was the NEWMAN and the FRENCHMAN, and they made The Night of the Zealot. And it was good.

But the people were fickle. They clamored for a sniper rifle. “Give us a means to attack those enemies beyond our location.” And the NEWMAN in his beneficence did give unto them Marksmanship. And the people said, “No, not that.”

Thus the NEWMAN did gift unto them Telescopic Sight. And there was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth. “It’s too expensive.” “There are too many conditions.” “Stand Together costs three xp, too.” The false prophet from Leng did deem it the worst of the age. Many cast it into the depths of their binders.

None deemed it worthy of inclusion in their holy deck text but for one. And now this humble one does share his holy deck text with the world. Cat Burglar, Think on Your Feet and Warning Shot do give you the space you need from those you seek to smite. Should you be unable to escape their claws, a Bandolier does allow you to carry a second weapon that can fire upon those engaged with you.

It is a text without flaw.