Leo Anderson, the Expedition Leader

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Sample Starter Decks from Fantasy Flight Player Resources

Leo Anderson is a tough-as-nails leader who excels at survival. With his high willpower and combat, he is able to fight back against most of the encounter deck’s hazards. Leo favors an asset-heavy approach: Take some time to set up your play area, and you’ll be prepared for anything.

Leo's ability allows him to play Ally assets without spending valuable actions, and at a reduced cost. Try to mulligan for an Ally in your opening hand, and use Trusted to keep them in play for longer. While this starter deck only contains a handful of Ally assets, you can use experience points to acquire new Ally assets, such as Treasure Hunter and Cat Burglar. The more Ally assets you can get in play, the more Leo will be capable of at any given moment.

That said, don’t be afraid to treat your Ally assets as expendable. Taking damage or horror on an Ally asset is almost always favorable to taking it yourself, especially when you have a Decorated Skull in play, which gains charges whenever one of your Ally assets is defeated.

This deck has a lot of weapons which you can use to deal with enemies, and flashlights for investigating. Your Venturer can be essential for giving your Flashlight and Firearms extra uses. Don’t have a weapon or a Flashlight yet? Search through your Backpack—you’re liable to find one!

Leo’s greatest weakness is his low agility. He can be easily caught off-guard by a tough enemy or a treachery requiring an agility test. Be wary!