Decorated Skull
Doom Begets Doom

Asset. Accessory

Item. Relic. Cursed.

Cost: 0.
Test Icons:

Uses (0 charges).

After an investigator, Ally asset, or enemy at your location is defeated: Place 1 resource (from the token bank) on Decorated Skull, as a charge.

Spend 1 charge: Draw 1 card and gain 1 resource.

A.L. Ashbaugh
The Forgotten Age #26.
Decorated Skull

I think this card is hilarious. The fact that when other investigators are defeated you can be like, "Hey, silver lining; I got a charge on my Skull!" is priceless. Beyond that, I'm pretty sure this card is actually good; installs for an action, gains charges for doing something you'd do anyway, whether that's going through Ally assets or killing enemies, and pays back the action you took to install it after a single use. In a Leo Anderson deck, where you're losing allies and killing enemies in equal measure, the action compression this can give you over the course of a scenario, let alone a campaign, is pretty crazy. It may seem a bit slow, since it does take an action to use every time, but there are a lot of turns in a scenario where you might have an odd action that you "waste" just gaining a resource, and this makes those spare actions twice as efficient.

Does take up the Relic slot though, which is pretty valuable. Still, between The Watch and Lucky Dice, it's the only accessory Rogues have at 0xp. It'll be interesting to see it in action.

Also how weird is it that it's cursed, but doesn't actively harm you?

SGPrometheus · 123
I think the Skull is a solid accessory for any Rogue who will be fighting enemies, Leo, Akachi and depending on the group, might be a good choice for Ursula as well (since she can find it quickly and possibly play it without an action). — Myriad · 563
Wouldn't Akachi prefer Holy Rosary? She doesn't necessarily need it, but getting up to 6 Will is really strong. As for Ursula, while she can get it into play for free a couple ways, she might not see the trigger conditions very often, but I agree it might occasionally be a good fit. — SGPrometheus · 123
I would also give preference to the Rosary for Akachi's amulet slot. +1 Will is a big deal for her. — CaiusDrewart · 976

This card scales extremely favorably in 4-player games. If you've glossed over the Skull in 2-player (the most common format), but are invited to a 4-player, then do give it another look.

It sadly does clash with the Rosary for Akachi and Sefina, but Ursula, Leo, Wendy, or any of the other Rogues can make good use of it it in a 4-player game. I'm not sure I'd go as far as spending a splash-card for Pete, Rex, etc though.

Clashes with Wendy's Amulet, so I might not rush at that for her. — AndyB · 321
It also seems decent even in two-player for Zoe (who kills things all the time and doesn't have many other economy cards) or Finn (who kills things often enough, and doesn't have access to any must-run accessories at the outset). — sfarmstrong · 38

Akachi can benefit from this card too, as it has charges and enters play with 1 charge thanks hes passive ability. Meaning that it refound it's cost as soon as you use that extra charge with the benefit of already having it in play. Also her Elder Sing trigger can put some charges on it and Recharge card can target this, so might be worth a try.

vacra · 5
Akachi also will typically be fighting a monster or two and trading out allies like Renfield and the Arcane Initiate. I think its a solid pick for her. — Myriad · 563

Does the ally or enemy discarded from field or deck, trigger this card? I'm thinking about use the disposable ally like

  • Treasure hunter
  • Hired muscle Or discarded from another skill to trigger this card.
AquaDrehz · 1
"Discard" is not "defeat." A card is only defeated when it takes as much damage as it has health (or more in the case of enemies/ investigators). Additionally cards can only be defeated if they are in play. — SGPrometheus · 123
...or an effect explicitly defeats them, like monster hunter. — Django · 1718
can you use Venturer to add charged to this? Seems like great combo with Leo — sneth · 2
you can't, just like you can't charge spells with venturer... — jd90 · 11