Performing Seal (Papa's Got a Brand New Chaos Bag)

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mythosmeeple · 179

“You have always taught me to believe in a ‘Doctrine of Love’.”


“And to follow the ‘Way of Peace’.”


“To live the way He lived.”

“Quite right, Miguel.”

A silence followed. Father Mateo Castile continued to pack his suitcase upon the bed. The boy Miguel continued to hover in the doorway. His clothes neatly folded and stacked, the priest sighed and straightened up. He crossed the room, passing through a pool of light, brightly filtered through a stained-glass depiction of Christ on the cross. He stood before the basin and mirror on the opposing wall.

“But, Padre…” the boy began. The priest sighed once more.


“Miguel,” Mateo turned, “let us…”, he was briefly lost for words, “... let us consider the silence for a few moments, please.”

It did not last.

“... but these are strange people you go to see!” Miguel pleaded, “And such language they use!”, he stepped forward from the doorway, a letter thrust outwards in his hand.

So this was the source of the boy’s concern. His finding of the letter came as no surprise, his reading of it even less so. Miguel was a curious boy, and a vulnerable one too. He was given to acts of ill-discipline, for which he would either impudently expect understanding or unashamedly demand forgiveness. He was young.

“Putting aside your reading of my private correspondence,” Mateo waved away the boy’s protestations, “let us agree that Señor Anderson, rough diamond though he may be, is a practical man...”

“... in that he’s killed more men than cholera?” muttered Miguel.

“... a practical man,” repeated Mateo, “and this Señor Edwards…”

“... a common thief!”

“... seems to have a great talent for logistics.” finished Mateo firmly, “They are men of action.”

“Ellos son brutos!”, came Miguel’s response.

The priest snorted, “Well. These are brutal things we face.”

Another silence. They had both experienced the Wickedness together. Seen the creatures that should not be. Not men. Not serpents. But something monstrous that lay between the two. Miguel’s head dropped. He sat upon the bed. Mateo glanced at him, turned back to the mirror, adjusted his collar.

Forma EtéreaNavaja EspectralEl Códice de Edades …” Miguel was now looking through the books and scrolls upon the bedside table. He held each in his hands as he read their titles, a rising edge of panic forming in his voice. With one final ecstasy of terror his eyes fell upon the queer and disturbing relics his prying had unearthed, “Aaaayyyy, Las Lápidas Chthonicas!” It was too much. He began to cry. “You will not return from this adventure,” he said between sniffles.

Mateo sat next to him, placing an arm around the boy’s shoulders. He gazed up at the Saviour, radiantly glowing above their heads.

“The Sisters will care for you while I’m away, as they always have, ever since you first came to us.” A sniff was the only response. The sun had moved. A prism of colours danced upon the crown of the boy’s dark hair.

“You believe in God’s love, hijo?”

“... yes, Padre.”

“You believe it resides within you, and within this place?”

“Of course.”

“Then it shall go with me also. I carry it in my heart. It will keep me safe. Until I return.”

Miguel turned, tears brimming in his eyes. He buried his face in the crook of the older man’s arm.

“You will need it”, he sobbed.


Feb 19, 2020 Spuddddddd · 95

Just genius. No other words for it.

Feb 20, 2020 WolfGeneral349 · 5

This really is very good. There is a lot to say about the fact that this is meant to be a sort of roleplaying game in many regards, but it is always nice to see a player get motivated to write up a little something to explain the situation away.

Deckwise, I like it, as well. This definitely a good Father Mateo deck, and I've been curious about harnessing A Glimmer of Hope for him, too. Seal of the Seventh Sign is a pretty gutsy choice for your XP spending. Should be fun, though.

Feb 21, 2020 mythosmeeple · 179

Thank you! It proved an awful lot of fun in The Untamed Wilds. Sitting on Mateo's once per game ability and following it up with Seal of the Seventh Sign is one of my favourite dynamics in the game so far.

Feb 22, 2020 Hypnonavy · 38

Simply brilliant write-up. Love it. I'm inclined to give the deck a spin, too!

Feb 22, 2020 TWWaterfalls · 367

This is so cool but I get the feeling that a deck focusing on sealing would work better at 3-4p counts. I have considered it but after things are sealed then Mateo is pretty good at finding clues but weak other things. It seems like you would need 2-3 other investigators that really benefited from the friendly chaos bag to make it worth it.

I really like the trio of events from Dreameaters that take a lot of pressure off of the Arcane slots for . I wish I had them for my deckbuilding.

Great Story. I really enjoyed reading it.

Feb 22, 2020 jimjamculver · 54

This is part of a 3 player campaign, the other two are Finn and Leo

Feb 24, 2020 Phelpsb83 · 26

From a gameplay standpoint, I think I'm missing the reason for the excitement about Glimmer of Hope in Father Mateo. Are people just excited to finally have another blessed card? What's the combo I'm missing?

Feb 24, 2020 WolfGeneral349 · 5

People are just excited to have another blessed card, basically.

Feb 25, 2020 mythosmeeple · 179

Thanks @Hypnonavyand @TWWaterfalls :)

@Phelpsb83``@WolfGeneral349, I've really enjoyed playing the three Glimmers so far. It's likely not the most optimised move but the act of spending a resource and an action to draw three wild icons from discard on command is really satisfying. Particularly if it makes the difference between "no hope" and "some hope" of passing the next test. The way this deck is developing, my focus is to try and take tests (or support my fellow investigators in their tests) only if I can guarantee or near-to-guarantee passing. Think of them as holders before I have two copies of Seal of the Elder Sign and other fun tricks.