Pete, Duke, Madame and teddy investigating ALOT!

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Larukka · 1

Tried to get as much investigation i could find for Pete to use, haven't tried playing it but sure heck looks fun! have to try how it goes with it! Spectral razors would work wonders too in this deck for back up against enemies instead of maybe the scene of crime and 1 read the signs!

Tossing winging it and fortuitous discovery for duke or madame untapping and use em for huge bonus! Scourge for sublies to get third Fortuitous discovery or look what i found back from discard!

moonstone + Trackshoes gets your Agility to 5! so should be able to easily evade enemies too!

what do you guys think? any suggestions or oppinions?


Feb 24, 2020 Sotosprotos · 16

Looks fun, but I need some clarification here. You have added Lantern that gives -1 in an investigation using this action and Fortuitous Discovery and Winging It using those two event. That means that Duke's investigation bonus is not active when using those cards, right? And if you have +2 from Newspaper, the bonus will be active only for one investigation. So, I think those cards are kind of bad choices.