Daisy Walker The Exterminator

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Killbray · 52

So you really want to play as Daisy Walker but your group tells you that they need to someone that can fight and can kill enemies. That's when you do your best impression of Daisy Walker, put on your sunglasses and say: "Somebody called for an exterminator?"

I know I know, you are probably thinking now that Daisy has only 2 base combat and that playing her as combat class, and a melee class no less, is absolutely crazy. Well, if you take a closer look at this deck you will soon understand the error of your ways.

First off, there are 4 weapons in this deck and they both grant +2 combat and +1 damage, albeit one can only do so for 3 times. So you are already fighting at a 4 combat, which is what Skids does with a Machete or a .45 automatic.

But it doesn't end here, oh no. You see both weapons only take one hand slot, and that's because the other hand slot is for Encyclopedia. Due to Daisy's unique ability she can activate Encyclopedia to grant herself +2 on any skill until the end of the round. Which means that with any of her weapon and the encyclopedia buff she can attack 3 times at combat 6.

Okay but that's not enough, I hear you, I hear you, that's why on top of that Daisy can get Empower Self and once every turn she can use it to boost her combat to an additional +2.

What if you need to do more than an attack? Well, in that case let me introduce you to Knowledge is power. At absolutely 0 cost you can activate Encyclopedia's ability another time so with all combined you could get to 10 combat or 8 combat for 3 attacks.

What if you want to do 3 attacks all at 10 combat? Well you have a wide array of choices, there's Overpower, there's unexpected courage, there's inquiring mind.

Not satisfied yet? You are a hard sell, good sir! In that case Mind over Matter for a mere cost of 1 resource will boost your base combat to 5, or even 6.

Right because you still have 5 intellect and there's tarots to boost it to 6, and if that's still not enough, There's the other empower self that can boost your intellect for another +2, and let's not forget that you can always use your encyclopedia to boost your intellect.

Or hey, you can eve boost your agility if you need to evade, the possibilities are endless!

Okay okay, I know what you are thinking now. It's all good on paper, but we all know that first you need to set up all those cards. I'm glad you pointed that out. Let us therefore take a look at the allies that come with this deck. First notice the Research Librarian. Even if you don't get your encyclopedia in your starting hand you can still get the Libriarian and then you'll be guaranteed to get your book.

Secondly, look at Elli Horowitz. In case you fail to get a weapon on your starting hand, she's there to help you, because all of the weapons in this deck have the Relic trait. That means that as long as you equip the Enchanted Blade to Elli, you can play Empower Self without any problems.

But yeah, I understand that one can never be too sure or too prepared, and so "No stone Unturned" is there to give you even more chances of getting what you need. And then there's also Eureka to draw more cards as a last resort.

I kept the experience level under 20 points because I wanted this deck to be viable in standalone mode, but if you have the exp fell free to upgrade No Stone Unturned to its level 5 version.

Also for the same reason I didn't include Strange Solution (Acid Ichor) but by all means, feel free to add it to the deck for even more mayhem!

Known issues: Daisy is still very squishy with her 5 health and this deck doesn't offer anything to compensate that. If you feel you need more protection feel free to swap some cards for health recovery or soak.

There is also not much to help Daisy overcome Willpower tests. One solution would be to get Higher Education. Crack the Case is there to help with the economy, however if you play it taboo that would be quite costly.


Mar 25, 2020 Sassenach · 99

If you want to get even more funky with this you could throw in the Madman version of Dream Diary. Another easily fetchable tome that will give you a +4 skill card in your hand every turn. That would arguably be better than the Encyclopedia since it wouldn't require you to take an AoO to activate the bonus.

Mar 25, 2020 Killbray · 52

The problem with Dream Diary is that you can only use it once per turn as it was confirmed that you cannot have more than one Essence of Dream set aside. If you only plan to attack sporadically then yeah you can remove a lot of cards an enjoy your 8 combat attack, but if you want to go for this wacky full time fighter Daisy I think Encyclopedia is better.

The problem of the AoO is real and I'm glad you mentioned it. There are a few ways to overcome it, you can use Knowledge is Power, you can use the other redundant buffs or the skill cards, you can ask a free teammate to use their last action to engage your enemy and of course you can simply tank the AoO if you really have not other choice. Yeah that's a bit of a weak point especially since Daisy isn't very tanky, but there are a few options.

Mar 30, 2020 Django · 2534

Her weakness The Necronomicon takes up a hand slot, potentially forcing you to discard your weapon or tome. So get Daisy's Tote Bag into play when you get it.