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Mar 14, 2021 Bloviator · 7

Interesting idea. Usually if you’re running Dark Horse it helps to have a way of getting rid of your resources so you can sit at 0. Maybe Hyperawareness or Dig Deep? Also, maybe Scavenging to get back those 0 cost item assets?

Mar 14, 2021 Bloviator · 7

Just realized you can spend resources with Mariner’s Compass, haha! Never mind what I said

Mar 14, 2021 Valentin1331 · 43669

That's a nice idea, and what about Milan that fuels you for a future investigation?

And potentially fire axe for more solo/autonomous builds.

Mar 14, 2021 chirubime · 23990

@Valentin1331 I have a feeling that Bryan's choice in Labranche maybe because:

  • Milan is pricer than Labranche and has less soak.
  • The test that needs to actually be boosted is the one that Compass exhausts on. Meaning upfront money from Labranche is more valuable than a later resource off Milan.
  • And that 1 resource you get with Milan later can't be used on the exhausted Compass and only turns off your own Dark Horse.

The caveat is when you play double compasses, having Milan could be very valuable. Then the combo would probably be. Labranche the first compass, giving you resources via Milan for the second compass.

Mar 15, 2021 endoviking · 19

Very interesting idea. I am wondering why you've chosen to include the soak assets, Mag glass, and Keep Faith.

Mar 15, 2021 Soloclue · 2468

Hi all, please read the linked article in the deck description for answers about why some of these choices are there and for how the deck works.

Mar 15, 2021 suika · 8926

The problem with running Milan and double compass on Minh would be hand slots, as The King in Yellow has a tendency to eat one of those at inopportune times. Speaking of the King in Yellow, seems like it'll be hard to discard here without resorting to committing assets and events.

Mar 15, 2021 Soloclue · 2468

@suikaInquiring Mind + Unexpected Courage help to clear it, but this deck isn't greatly hampered by KiY since it's not very dependent on skill cards to succeed and uses mainly 1 hand slot.

Mar 15, 2021 endoviking · 19

I think those soak assets need to go, as well as CtC, Keep Faith. Honestly I'm not sure that dark horse is needed for the compass. If you are gaining a resource at upkeep you won't be able to spend it without using a card, until you decide to investigate, which may or may not work out on any given turn. I think Old Granny is a better ally, as she will give you the stats you really care about from Dark Horse without worrying about your resource pool plus her amazing ability.

Overall, I would say the compass might be a splash card, and when you happen to draw it, you just try to make it work. Minh is a skill based investigator who seldom needs to worry about using an asset to pay resources to boost her intellect, and instead relies on enhancing cost effect skill icons to maybe pay for events. How many times a game is the compass going to carry its weight and pull multiple clues, as opposed to hinder the things that Minh is typically good at? Is it more efficient than just adding a deduction, dream dairy, and trying a dark horse minh? The survivor splash doesn't seem particularly important, other than the compass itself, so maybe a Rex build would be the way to go (not to mention hilarious to see how many clues he could pull in a single turn), and his at least will not be competing for one of the hand slots.

Mar 15, 2021 Soloclue · 2468

@endovikingDid you read the article in the description?

Mar 16, 2021 gowonnie · 32

Guise. Read the article before having an opinion got it?

Mar 16, 2021 Soloclue · 2468

@gowonnieI am assuming this is a sarcastic comment but I would actually really appreciate it if people did that because a lot of the comments I've gotten so far are directly talked about in the article.

Mar 16, 2021 endoviking · 19

I mean it's a non-bless deck that uses keep faith. you could write a thousand words and it's still not going to make sense.

You say you want to gain a resource every upkeep and use cards to ditch the resources at 'any player window.' Well, there are only two times maximum per game that keep faith is going to help with that, whereas dig deep, higher ed or hyperawareness can do it infinitely.

The premise of the deck is interesting, but ultimately you are adding very obtuse cards, specifically the soaks and keep faith, which are not as helpful as the cards I mentioned above cards in achieving a 0 resource state at any moment with consistency.

Mar 16, 2021 Lord Triloth · 1817

No need to get salty her guys. There's a reason this games co-op.

@endoviking It's true that Minh's a skill-based investigator and that's also the way she should be, but even so it can never hurt to have plenty of clueing. You're probably right that Deduction and Dream Diary aren't a bad idea and, without having played the deck, that's two cards I'd still include, even though they don't at all hinder the Compass/Dark Horse combo. Not mentioning that Compass is a great card, if you manage to stay at 0 resources.

Coming too Keep Faith. Bryan's right that is definitely a great card to spend resources on, even though it seems kinda useless. With a great intellect plus skill cards and compass guiding, I'd guess you'll never need any boosters, so you'll need something else. Personally I never found it that hard to stay at zero, especially when you get down that Dark Horse. Then playing assets and the Compass (still a whopping 3-cost) can get you down.

And maybe we can all come to an agreement by also adding Dig Deep, to protect yourself from any kind of treachery.

Maybe this deck would make more sense, and become more reliable by adding something like Backpack(2) and maybe PMP with some more practiced skills, to get that essential thinning and card draw.

With that good ol' backpack, those soaks then also don't seem that obscure anymore. Especially when you're a fragile cluever, some protection can always be nice. And as a wise man once said: Always use protection, in Arkham Horror ... and in real life.

Mar 16, 2021 Lord Triloth · 1817

Like your articles btw `@Soloclue. Keep up the good work ;)

Mar 16, 2021 Soloclue · 2468

@endovikingThank you for your feedback. In the article I specifically state that this is a multiplayer deck intended to be paired with another deck that does care about Bless tokens. I also state that the soak assets are optional and just one direction you can - I did not want to make 3 different lists with different variants of the deck. The soak assets are not the core of the deck. If you want to use pumps, which I also specifically mentioned in the article, then you can do so.

Mar 17, 2021 acotgreave · 719

Great write up. Thank you.

Apr 19, 2021 Milhouse46 · 1

I have started an Innsmouth campaign with a deck based on this, paired with Sister Mary, Nathaniel and Trish and it does wonders. Keep Faith is absolutely perfect. My changes: Strange Solution + Shrewd Analysis + Scavenger, - Crack the Case - Mind over Matter. My upgrade path will be the following: Strange Solution, Shortcut, Ancient Covenant, No Stone Unturned 5, Perception 2