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Scrybe · 175

Character Concept

Out of all the Innsmouth investigator's, Trish really works well as a solo investigator. The combination of a high intellect and agility means that both clues and enemy management are well within her grasp. The theme of this deck is to lean heavily on the Spy aspect, so lots of sneaking and codes, etc.

Dealing with Enemies

Evasion is the key here. Trish has a decent base agility and can enhance this with some skill cards (Manual Dexterity & Nimble) when necessary. But often Trish's special ability is enough to automatically evade an enemy.

Damaging enemies is a last resort, and should be saved for really tricky hunters and Elites. Sometimes an act can only be advanced by defeating an enemy. In these cases, the best option is a Backstab or a Sneak Attack.


Each of the hand items costs 3 to play, and there are a handful of events too, so we have Lone Wolf, Cryptic Writings and Gregory Gry to help generate some additional resources.

Searching for Clues

Since Trish has a reasonably high intellect of 4, she can actually get some clues without any setup. But throw in some Lockpicks and she is investigating at an 8!

As Trish turned the corner, a man in a trench coat brushed against her. She didn't recognise him, but she knew what the contact meant. Not wishing to draw any attention, she decided to return to her hotel room and headed in that direction.

Glancing over her shoulder, she noticed a hunched figure following at a distance. After a few more corners, it became apparent that she was being followed. Trish could tell that this was no professional, but she didn't want to take any chances. As she turned the next corner, she broke into a sprint. Several turns later, she was sure she had lost her pursuer. She found a secluded doorway down an alley and stepped into the shadows. After several minutes, she was certain she was alone and finally reached into her pocket to retrieve the envelope that had been placed there.

Enclosed within the envelope was a slip of paper that read: