Mark Harrigan - my first attempt

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Skreczi · 3

This is my first attempt at building deck to this game - my main goal was to have a competent Guardian type that can kill monsters and protect other characters.

Comments on that are welcome :)


May 31, 2021 StartWithTheName · 37841

Welcome to the game @skreczi!

On face value, that deck should function fine. If you are looking for tweaks, a couple of tips, though if and how to make changes will depend on your available cards so i`ll keep it vague.

  • Mark has a lot more draw than most characters, at least in guardian, so you can get away with fewer skill cards and more events (which can still be used for their icons especially if they have the same icon twice).
  • Related to the above - becasue Sophie can be used to give you +2 to any skill at the price of 1 health, any card that heals health basically works like skill card for mark. Just use sophie then heal back. Youve done this with Emergency Aid, but there are a couple of others out there Second Wind, Hallowed Mirror come to mind first, but have a look through your collection. They wont disapoint!
  • you probably wont need Knife if you see any other weapon. I would usually aim for 4 weapons, then use some sort of one shot event attack card like Improvised Weapon or One-Two Punch if you have them. These can be used early game to fill in while you find your longer term weapons like Machete, or if you found them later can be used to save you ammo for the .45, or kill a second engaged enemy if you are on the machete. This also frees up Bandolier for another toy of your choice unless you planning to use it later with a little xp to get one of the bigger 2h guns.
  • Guard Dog (can be as well as Beat Cops) is really nice in mark. Anything that only deals 1 damage (usually cultist or rats) can be killed off without spending actions on attacks if you just let the dog bite them. And you get more card draw each time.

Have fun!

May 31, 2021 Skreczi · 3

@StartWithTheNameThx for suggestions! I will implement them soon :)