The Jacqueline Fine Antarctic Expedition

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karasikrus · 1

Flex deck (clue oriented) for a 2 player game of EotE


Sep 20, 2023 rodro · 23

This decks looks fine. You should be able to get the clues kinda easy thanks to Jacqueline's token control and her big 5 willpower.

I strongly suggest running Olive Bride instead of Alyssa Graham. She will give you even more token control, and you will be able to pass almost any test. I even think that running one or two copies of Arcane Iniciate if possible (maybe instead of Prescient?) since this ally can fish you any of your 14 spell cards you run in this deck, so you can setup your spells and do your job FAST.

The only thing I miss in this deck for this campaign is any sort of movement card. Movement is very important in this campaign, and there are scenarios where you need to travel a lot between locations, making movement card a lot more valuable. For this campaign I strongly suggest running 2 copies Astral Travel, specially in Jacqueline since she can manipulate the token bag to avoid side effects and because you'll travel between revealed location in some of the scenarios. Also, because of this, Drowsing Rod may be interesting for action compression, but it requires a Hand slot.

Later on, you should think about buying Blur, since you will be separated from the other player many times if you want to fully complete the scenarios, and transforming a weak action as Avoid to Avoid + Move 1 or 2 times, (depending on the version of Blur) or Avoid + Investigate with a Spell 1 or 2 times (also depending of the version of Blur) is neat. If you want to play Blur you'll need to run Sign Magick to run every spell you want.

Good luck on Edge of the Earth!

Sep 20, 2023 karasikrus · 1

@rodroThank you for your comment!

I strongly suggest running Olive Bride instead of Alyssa Graham

Yep. For some reason I included Alyssa Graham even though I planned to include Olive Bride. I swapped them mid game after I had drawn Alyssa and noticed it =).

I guess I really should've put Astral Travel.

About Prescient though, the combo with Prescient + Rite of Seeking + either Scrying Mirror or Premonition I played was super fun. It's like I'm playing psychic or something.