Darrell Can't Fail - 19 xp

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Darrell and his Trusty Flashlight Can't Fail - 19 xp 2 3 0 2.0

Sep 23, 2023 SilverTwilightLodgeJanitor · 7

Hi there, thanks for the deck! Wouldn't Gené Beauregard be impossible to include even without the taboo list? She needs 3 XP; however, Darrell can include Seeker cards only up to 2. Anyway, I was going to ask: how do you replenish the secrets on Eon Chart? That is to say, how do you get rid of it once it's empty (to then get it back via Scavenging)? It doesn't self-discard, and if you suggest keeping Rabbit's Foot handy for pips rather than playing it...

Sep 23, 2023 An_Undecayed_Whately · 650

@SilverTwilightLodgeJanitor noted, thanks!

Looks like we will need to add more items that use the accessory slot, likely another copy of Eon Chart at the least! And that gives another use case for the rabbits foot: to bump out the empty Eon Chart for re-installation with charges…

Maybe Pathfinder gets cut?

Sep 24, 2023 SilverTwilightLodgeJanitor · 7

Yes, good idea. And I also prefer this use of Rabbit's Foot; it doesn't do THAT much when committed anyway, no?