William Yorick (supportive, two player PTC)

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white2flamez 1

I want to try this deck in a two-player Path to Carcosa campaign. William Yorick's role will be to kill the enemies and defend his friend (supportive role). He uses a lot of cheap cards because of his ability to regain those cards.

William isn't the clue-gatherer, so his companion will be a seeker (or an investigator with a high intellect).

I would like to hear what you think of this build and how I can optimize him.


Feb 12, 2018 Arthur Kay 1

I like "Let me handle this!", and strongly prefer a pair of Guard Dog to one Guard Dog and one True Grit. I like that the dog helps kill things and can soak one horror if there's not a Cherished Keepsake on the board.

I have a moderate preference for the .32 Colt over the Knife, but I can see that going either way.

I also sometimes sneak a pair of Flashlight into my deck when nobody is looking. I like being able to investigate 1 and 2 Shroud locations in a pinch.

Feb 12, 2018 white2flamez 1

@Arthur Kay thank you for your advise.

A second Guard Dog is a good idea. If I want to include a "Let me handle this!" I have to make space. I don't know if I want to do that because besides you change who draws the card, it aids with the revelation effect. If I'm not mistaken that doesn't boost my fighting skill when fighting an enemy.

I like the Knife more because it is cheaper. But in the end after a few throws that cost will grow too. Maybe I will do one of both.

To gather a few clues I can use the Gravedigger's Shovel or Evidence!. I think the Flashlight isn't worth a hand slot.

Feb 12, 2018 Arthur Kay 1

Haha, I think you are right Flashlight is probably not worth the hand slot. I still put it in sometimes. :P

Also correct "Let me handle this!" does not boost fighting skill, but if works on creatures and treachery cards, and you do not have to be in the same location as the other investigator.

My group splits up a bit more, when the crazy gravedigger goes looking for clues at 2 shroud locations, which makes "Let me handle this!" better than it would be for groups where the gravedigger behaves himself. :P