William Yorick Solo Out of Work Actor

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Jim’s Trumpet · 1

This deck is largely built around the theme of the out of work actor, with mostly cheap cards. William gets the occasional cheque from advert repeats in the form of Emergency Cache. Like all classical actors, he wears a battered up leather coat, with a Stage Newspaper in its pocket to find the latest acting jobs. He also has a set of Fine Clothes that he retained from a film he worked on. He uses these for auditions or schmoozing with casting directors and agents at after show parties. The Knife he carries is a souvenir from a production of Hamlet, and he has also paid a Beat Cop or two, when researching a role in a crime drama. As an actor he is always Hoping for his Lucky! break, and when it comes he hopes he will Rise to the Occasion. To handle the many rejections an actor faces William is always Prepared for the Worst and to survive as an actor he has to be Resourceful, and he often needs Guts to overcome a little stage fright. The trouble with his stage fright is that it can cause temporary Amnesia, causing him to forget his lines. The rest of his equipment is associated with his other job when he is ‘resting’, where he recites Hamlet to himself every night.


Aug 10, 2018 Sacrillegal · 1

7 Hand cards, with no Bandolier so it is either a weapon or the ability to possibly investigate anything below 2 shroud. 1 instance of Perception only. There is no end to the list of what is wrong with this deck, so I ll leave you to it.

Sep 18, 2018 AndyB · 319

Yeah, it's a deck for a competition about theme for the Drawn to the Flame Podcast. It's not really meant to be playable! :)