What You Got in that Bag? [Return]

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PureFlight · 368

At the end of Return to the Night of the Zealot. Never played true solo before. Wanted to try a Backpack build. Roland fit the bill.

Got maximum exp at the end of The Gathering (10xp) so I picked up a Lightning Gun because I've never used it before. Had a bunch of xp after Midnight Masks and wanted to maximize my chances of getting that LG during Devourer Below.

Would have liked to have a way to deal 2 damage when engaged with multiple enemies, and the Colt was a bit inaccurate. Back to the .45 Automatic I suppose (yawn).

Probably would have been fine with 1x Lightning Gun and 2x Prepared for the Worst. Then I'd have 5 extra xp for things like Beat Cop, Vicious Blow, or .45 Automatic.