Asset. Hand

Item. Weapon. Firearm.

Cost: 4. XP: 2.
Test Icons:

Uses (4 ammo).

Spend 1 ammo: Fight. You get +2 for this attack. This attack deals +1 damage. Ignore the retaliate keyword for this attack.

John Pacer
A Phantom of Truth #190.
.45 Automatic

Is it worth it?

Actually no. There are better weapons than this in the upgrade guardian store.

The only thing that this weapon can fit into a deck is if you focus on an expensive build on multiplayer and you only have a few xp to spare. Otherwise dont spent xp on this one.

Cant say i completely agree. — aramhorror · 71
I meant to add: It's a 2xp card, meaning that skids and yorrick and other guardian-offrole characters can include it. It's also not such a bad pick, if you decide mid-campaign that you need a gun. In that case the xp-cost is just +1, compared to the .32 or the regular .45. The +2 for combat is pretty okay. And the fact that the gun is good versus Melee-Resistant enemies AND enemies with retaliate is just a nice bonus if they happen to cross your path. — aramhorror · 71
I also consider this upgrade fairly meh. It may be OK on Hard/Expert in certain circumstances. It would look better if there were more melee-resistant enemies in the game. Right now there are only a couple. The big problem is that this upgrade didn't solve the major flaw of the .45, viz. 4 bullets are not nearly enough. — CaiusDrewart · 1035
Its not meant to be an upgrade to the .45. Its a card you pick when you start the game with no guns. — aramhorror · 71
It's likely more for the cross-class investigators such as Skids and Yorick. Yes, Skids get's access to the Typewriter, but that's 5 xp away in a faction that is so hungry for XP, the replacement card for Jenny is reduce xp costs of cards. So it's something to use until you can afford the typewriter. — CecilAlucardX · 2
Skids and Yorick already has access to Machete which is better than this card. This weapon only adds the retaliate bonus. Personally i wouldn't spend 4 xp (for 2 copies) while i need them for test of will, devil's luck, sure gamble etc. You have to manage your xp during campaign and this card doesnt belong to the priorities. There are great 1xp cards out there than spending 2xp to this card if you have a spare to spend before last scenario. — Uncle George the Farmer · 244
Its a firearm and some enemies key off of non-melee traits. I also don't think this item is a x2 purchase unless you are Lola. — Myriad · 584

Allow me to present a case for the .45.

While it is certainly, not a two handed boss killer weapon, it does have a few very specific builds that will reach for it. Most of them are out of the "Guardian" faction.

So Mark will probably go for something else.

So when is this card worth it? It probably is worth the slot if you can get multiple, efficient uses out of it OR if you really cannot manage something better.

In guardian a Sleight of Hand build out of Zoey might find slots for this card. Being able to pop a card out for those turns were you are swarmed that packs a pretty decent punch is probably worthwhile. It is also a pretty great sidearm to a two-handed weapon and Zoey can pay for the gun out of hand with her additional resource generation.

Lola also really appreciates this card and the newly spoiled level 2 Derringer. With Sleight of Hand Lola can potentially play out a selection of weapons that will allow her to "punch up" to a five fight value and reliably do +1 damage. With her 3 base fight, this is pretty huge. This combo also requires minimal role switching (as Sleight of Hand allows you to "cheat an item out and then you can role switch to that item).

Filling the role of a secondary monster hunter, Skids might also appreciate having a second, third (or fourth with the typewriter) target for his sleight of hand. "Cheating" cards like this and the derringer would allow for some fun gains in resources when combined with "Watch This!".

Finally this card is quite a decent pick for Yorrick. For one more cost than a Colt you can ignore retaliate, do an extra damage and do +1 damage. It would not be a mainstay weapon in his builds, but a firearm is always appreciated.

To conclude my case, I am going to make it clear that I am not advocating most Guardians choose this weapon OVER a shotgun or a lightning gun. Those cards are FAR, FAR more efficient. However if you are a character that can play sleight of hand and/or you are playing Extra Ammunition anyway, this card (and its sibling) might be worth a look.

Myriad · 584
I’m always surprised when people suggest you don’t want to ‘waste exp’ on cards like this before you buy your Lightning Gun. The Lightning gun has three shots and is almost useless against most early game enemies, and only provides a marginal benefit against bosses. — Difrakt · 560
[...] you need support for those cards like extra ammo anyway, and waiting to accrue 10exp with no upgrades can be horrendous. Cards like this are good intermediates that increase your reliability against high fight enemies while also allowing you flexibility in future scenarios. That being said you’re not getting a TON for 2exp. +1 fight is good, but honestly the best way to avoid the retaliate keyword is to not miss, (which this already helps with). I much would have preferred a 1c cost reduction in addition — Difrakt · 560
I don't like any weapon with few uses because the main fighter should have a high combat stat can or can push himself late game. Usually the whole party helps on bosses, so even the lightning guns extra damage is not needed. — Django · 1807