Party Over Here *Arkham Nights 2018 Starting Build*

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MythosBusters · 1733

As the designated killer in a four-player group, this was my deck going into Curtain Call for our Ironman run of Carcosa at Arkham Nights, 2018. Six weapons, five allies, and a bunch of tools to make sure I was pulling those enemies off of my allies, and not losing tempo while engaged.

Curtain Call itself felt like sort of the prologue to what ended up being a really stellar build, but of this level 0 setup, Guard Dog, Survival Knife, and "Let me handle this!" were the cards that really shown through as power cards for our game.

Ultimately the goal of this deck was to do two things - handle enemies, and play with allies. And I think you'll see that, by the time I got to Dim Carcosa, it was doing all of that and a little bit more.


Oct 28, 2018 guybrush · 7

Why did you cut intrepid?

Oct 28, 2018 Saej · 2166

@guybrushBecause drunk Scott said so!

But, rational was that this deck was our 'main killer' deck and probably wouldn't use the stat boosts off of Intrepid very much. Plus it is pretty situational. You need to pass a Willpower test (hopefully during the encounter phase) and then be able to use those stat boosts during that turn. For those stars to align...the efficiency in it is not as good in 4 player. Solo or 2 player, I'd maybe keep one Intrepid.

But that's just my take on it.