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MythosBusters · 1727

And this is where Leo ended up heading into Dim Carcosa. I don't remember exactly what my upgrade path was throughout the campaign, but I do remember what I started with.

My goal was to set myself up with Charisma and Adaptable as soon as possible, and after our 9xp run of Curtain Call I was able to get both Charismas, one Adaptable, and one upgraded Beat Cop. From there, I added the second Adaptable and the second Beat Cop, plus a Leo De Luca after The Last King.

From then on it gets a bit hazy, but the important bit is this - Adaptable was amazing, because it gave me 4xp worth of pivot space between each scenario. I was able to swap in and out Fine Clothes when it was needed, ensure I had Elusive for scenarios with tricky positioning, and even allowed me to tech in a cheeky Teamwork after The Unspeakable Oath.

So let's talk about cards that out-performed themselves, surprising not only my fellow players, but also me as the resident Guardian player. Teamwork more than pulled it's weight, and it is a card I largely panned up until this run. I had many scenarios where I was simply too low on cash to play my bomb effects, forcing me to just spend actions to gain resources. Now, Teamwork on it's own is still pretty low on the efficiency scale, but by slapping that puppy beneath Stick to the Plan I was able to have access to it exactly when it was needed, which made a world of difference, as it was then played in EVERY SCENARIO for the rest of the campaign.

Dynamite Blast was also one that I kept a one-of in the deck at all times, because it saw more than one clutch play - in The Last King I paired it with Mr. Peabody to blast a group of Doom-farming Cultists through a secret passageway. In The Unspeakable Oath I used it to down Daniel Chesterfield, a Spawn of Hali, and the Beast of Aldebaran after Sefina helped to whittle them down. And finally in Dim Carcosa I dropped a bomb on The Man in the Pallid Mask and a couple of cultists that had gathered in the Palace of the King, advancing the Act and sending us into our home stretch.

I don't think I really need to speak to the other strengths of the deck. Sleight of Hand into the M1918 BAR is as good as you expect it to be, as is stacking double Charisma with Mitch Brown for a whopping five available Ally slots (which I had them all filled at one point or another).

In retrospect, I could've dropped both Calling in Favors by this point, as they were nowhere near necessary to the build, and instead service a deck that features allies who actually do something upon entering play. I also could've afforded to drop "Let me handle this!" by Dim Carcosa as well, since at this time we were all handling our encounter cards - enemy or no - with flying colors.

All in all, Leo, Mitch, and double Charisma turned Carcosa into a veritable party, and every Beat Cop, Guard Dog, Priest, and Mobster was invited.


Oct 27, 2018 Sagesse · 377

My blind Forgotten Age run currently has a similar Leo build - it's interesting that you've deemed Calling in Favors unnecessary. I omitted them in deck building and have often wondered if I should have Adaptabled them in for ally searching/healing purposes. It's reassuring that you also felt they service a different style of deck. Honestly, they haven't really been needed for our playthrough, but it'd be nice to hedge my bets on finding a Mr. De Luca.

Oddly, although I also am using 2 x Charisma, I typically save Mitch in hand when I draw him to eat Leo's weakness. I rarely have the time or resources to fully spam out a team of goons even with my Hot Streaks - I blame my choice of Keen Eye, which has saved us enough times that I don't regret it. Getting a full five people out sounds dreamy.

Thanks for sharing this experience before we start our surely doomed Depths of Yoth attempt.