Enigma Zoey

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Soloclue · 593

This is the sample deck from the Enigma Investigation article on the Rite of Seeking blog.

This deck includes 11 Enigma cards at level 0. There are also 2 Flashlights as a sort of fail-safe, which should be used mainly on locations with a shroud of 2, and if that's not available, a shroud of 3. The rest of the space is dedicated to combat, as well as 2 Emergency Cache to cover the costs of some of the more expensive cards.

If every Enigma event fired perfectly and ideally, you would gather 12 clues off of 7 event cards. Each perfect Rite of Seeking (that is, all 3 charges succeed at getting the max number of clues) would grant you 6 clues. Altogether, your Enigma cards would give you a maximum of 24 clues as one investigator, which is probably more clues than you would ever really need for any scenario. Obviously, you would never actually get that to happen, but you are more than capable of reliably getting a significant number of clues for your team off of just your level 0 cards.

For this reason, as you upgrade your deck, you can focus a lot more on shoring up your combat power. The final result is you will a powerhouse fighter Zoey fueled by XP purchases with capable, guaranteed clue-gathering.


Nov 05, 2018 Bez · 1

whats an enigma card? is it just an auto-clue card?

Nov 05, 2018 StartWithTheName · 8004

@Bez, Its from his article here.

I think its just a term hes coined that encompasses Autoclues and investigation stat converters for his article basically. Essentially hes showing new players how they can compensate for low int by using auto clues or things that gather clues based on the stronger stats from your ID instead. Same way you might use Lockpicks in rogue or Rite of Seeking in mystic to get clues.

Nice deck btw mr Seeking! Love the blog too. keep it up!

Nov 05, 2018 PureFlight · 380

One upgrade path you might take here are the in-house boosts to buff your Rite of Seeking. Brother Xavier and Police Badge are probably the two main ones, and would get Zoey's up to a dominant 6.

Nov 05, 2018 StartWithTheName · 8004

yeah i agree with that. Rite of seeking at 4 will will be a little underwhelming. It`ll be ok for shroud 2s but theyre infrequent and you have flashlight for those. You really want to get at least one boost on there of youre burning alot of pips to land those rite of seekings i think.

Nov 05, 2018 StartWithTheName · 8004

you might have a similar problem with "Look what I found!". It might be easier to swap for something like Working a Hunch to get around the 2 shroud capping a bit more.

Nov 05, 2018 Soloclue · 593

"Look what I found!" is certainly optional. In my actual deck, I used Lucky! instead.

LWIF will always work on a shroud of 1 or 2 if you fail. With a Flashlight use, it will always work on a shroud of 3 or 4 if you fail. So it certainly is playable even without too much extra. Working a Hunch is not a bad choice. LWIF is better at clearing locations though if you are XP hunting.

Nov 05, 2018 StartWithTheName · 8004

Yeah that seems fair. BTW you might want to do an accompanying article on auto damage & damage converter cards. No idea what you`d call those collectively like, but the opposite of this set up is presumably a combat based daisy with int based damage out put and shriv etc.

Nov 07, 2018 Skorgan · 1

Great deck concept and article. I will 2nd StartWithTheName's suggestion on that accompanying article about auto damage & damage converter cards. Would love to read that article.

I have been running a Roland deck similar to this, in a 2 player game that is currently at the Exxes County Esstate mission but have been having issues with resource production and we were talking about restarting. After seeing this, I think I will adapt it for Zoey and see if it works better.