Revelation - Test (4). If you fail, take 2 horror and search your deck for a Madness weakness. Draw that card and shuffle your deck.

They came to me slowly as if I had forgotten them, and at last I could make some sense out of the sounds. It was this: "Have you found the Yellow Sign?" Robert W. Chambers, "The Yellow Sign"
Shane Tyree
Core Set #176. Agents of Hastur #3-4.
The Yellow Sign
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • If you fail the test and draw Psychosis, its Forced ability will immediately trigger and deal 1 direct damage to you.

  • If you already have Hypochondria out, that's insta-death, congratulations :)
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I highly, highly disagree with the FAQ. That isn't how it is written. You would take two horror and do the search. You then draw tge card and play it. The horror OBVIOUSLY comes before the card play. Even if it comes from official sources, it does not follow the rules or logic of the game.

Tilted Libra · 32
Proof of why interactions work is very lax around here, but in this case it's not wrong. Keyword here is "after you take". You take the horror during the skill test, virtually at the same time as (but after) putting the weakness in your threat area. Only after the test ends can the weakness check whether you took horror. Long explanation: You initiate a skill test, which has 8 steps, and after determining your failure(step 6), resolve the consequences of failing, which is taking horror and drawing a madness. At this point you're at step 7, take the horror and put the weakness in play during the test still in step 7. Then you end the test at step 8 and clean up, putting chaos tokens and committed cards away. Only after it is done will Psychosis check for horror damage because of the "after" wording. — Mataza · 18
I appreciate the explanation! — Tilted Libra · 32

Usually you don’t want to see your Madness weaknesses show up but there are exceptions. Case in point: as Wendy, Abandoned and Alone can be a crippling weakness or a complete faff depending on its timing. Sure eating 4 damage can be rough but there are times when your discard is empty and you’d rather see it now than later. Or perhaps you’re at 1-3 resources after playing your key assets and now is a real good time to indulge your Paranoia so that you don’t lose it all later.

The point is: this card looks terrible (and it can be) but think carefully before committing valuable resources to passing it. There are times where it can help just as much, if not more, than it hurts.

Difrakt · 1215
Would be a good place for Wendy to use Drawing Thin if her discard was pretty low. — Zinjanthropus · 216

1) While playing Path to Carcosa, get dealt Kleptomania as your random basic weakness.

2) Deliberately attempt to fail this test in order to tutor Kleptomania

3) Steal your teammate's Lightning Gun to turn your 2 into 7, etc etc

4) Shaking like a palsied man, sign your first writ of execution with your regnal name

(There's surely some other interesting things that can be built around with Teamwork and "You owe me one!" as combo pieces, e.g. with a 'for fun' run by choosing Kleptomania rather than having to get it randomly. Mind, there's far more certain ways to take advantage of Kleptomania, like normal player-card tutors (especially Mr. "Rook", but it's still amusing to think of ways to turn encounter cards on their heads!)

anaphysik · 89