Practiced. Expert.

Test Icons:

Mark Harrigan deck only.

If this skill test is successful during an attack, move 1 damage from Mark Harrigan to the attacked enemy.

The real war has only just begun.
Eric Deschamps
The Path to Carcosa #7.
The Home Front

It's practiced. You have no excuse not to shove Practice Makes Perfect into your Mark deck now! Other practiced skills he likes are Overpower, Take the Initiative, Vicious Blow.

Practice Makes Perfect is also a tactic, so you can attach that to Stick to the Plan.

Erdjo · 315
I think you're absolutely right. I also find Leadership (2) to be a great target for Practice Makes Perfect for Mark. — olahren · 3008
Yeah, pmp is a force multiplier, and The Home Front is an awful lot of force to multiply. — SGPrometheus · 738
Surprisingly, very few Mark decklists on arkhamdb include PMP. — Zinjanthropus · 222