Charles Ross, Esq.
Acquisitions and Solicitation

Asset. Ally

Ally. Patron.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:
Health: 1. Sanity: 2.

You may spend resources to pay for Item assets played by other investigators at your location.

Exhaust Charles Ross, Esq.: Reduce the cost of the next Item asset played by an investigator at your location by 1.

Romain Leguay
The Unspeakable Oath #149.
Charles Ross, Esq.

Correspondence with developer:

Q: How does Charles Ross, Esq. work? The card doesn't explicitly states its time window. Can you use its ability then in the next round use up the cost reduction? Maybe even use it twice before playing an item? It using at your location, does it mean your location when you use the ability, or when you play the item (if you use the ability and then move, where can you play an item at reduced cost)?

A: Correct; Charles Ross’s ability applies until it is used, so if you use it in one round you will still get the discount next round, and if you use him more than once before playing a card, you would get a –2 discount. As for your second question, if you move after using Charles Ross’s ability, the discount would apply to the next Item asset played by an investigator at your new location, not the former location.

So basically you can get one additional resource from it per round. Awesome for a 2 resource card!

vidinufi · 9
While I appreciate the templating consistency this is nightmarish from a book keeping perspective. Hopefully they avoid stuff like this in the future in favor of a reaction ability. — Difrakt · 610
Huh, I had no idea you could use this guy multiple times to reduce the cost of an item multiple times. That makes him much stronger (although still probably weaker than Milan, who will get you much more than 1 resource per round.) — CaiusDrewart · 1492
@difrakt You're correct about it being annoying to keep track of, but why not just put a resource on him every time you use his ability? Obviously it's not exactly what the card says to do, but I'm not going to make things harder on myself just because the card didn't tell me not to. I did a similar thing while playing Minh; I used clue tokens to keep track of who I'd given my wild icons that round and it helped a lot. — SGPrometheus · 160
I put a dice on him to count cost reduction. — Django · 1971
Yeah, this should have added resources to him, and then the text "use resources on Charles to pay for item assets played at your location." — PureFlight · 495
The reason for the weird templating is that Charles was not intended to stack like he does. In the end though they decided to let it work rather than errata it. — HolySorcerer · 1
Well it is not yet as good as "use resources on Charles to pay for items", because you have to empty his ressources at the next played item. For example if Yorrick wants to recycle his teddy bear at your location, I think you would lose Charles' ressources. — AlexSand · 25