Revelation - Test (3). For each point you fail by, take 1 horror. When assigning horror from this effect, it must be divided as evenly as possible among eligible cards.

Helge C. Balzer
The Pallid Mask #260. The Pallid Mask #28-30.
Eyes in the Walls

Wini's flashlight beam shakily passed over the walls, its pale light creeping over the bones. The grim labyrinth extended as far as her eyes could see, nothing but stone and bone and death filling her gaze.

And then her beam fell on one particular skull, and glowing eyes within it stared back.

Wini bit back a scream, then frowned. "Wait a second," she muttered, staring intently at the glaring red orbs. "This isn't right."

What isn't? sibilant voices hissed in her mind. You make yourself the foe of one who can rewrite the stars; why are you surprised that the dead rise at his command?

"What?" Wini blinked. "Wait, you think that's what I'm confused about? No, the ghosts and all make sense, it's you that's the problem."

What problem do I pose? the voices hissed back. Is it so strange that the dead who walk should also speak?

"No," Wini shook her head. "What's strange is that you don't synergize with the rest of the scenario. Like, at all."

The voices paused. Then echoed her confusion. What?

"I mean, The Pit Below works with the whole "map" thing the scenario's got going on," Wini continued, "and The Shadow Behind You... look, I don't care how little it synergizes with the rest, ": You look behind you" will never not be funny. But you? You're Rotting Remains with extra steps, and there's nothing else in the entire scenario that touches those steps. If the designers wanted a horror dealing treachery, why didn't they just replace you with Striking Fear? It would fit really well with the whole Catacombs theme."

The glaring red eyes of the unquiet dead blinked slowly. You say that we do not fit, their voices slowly replied, and that you would rather see us replaced with Rotting Remains, Dissonant Voices, and Frozen in Fear?

Wini easily nodded, casually taking a swig from her not-water bottle.

And you call us mad, the voices grumbled.

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