Asset. Hand

Item. Tome. Occult.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Limit 1 per deck.

Forced - After Occult Lexicon enters play: Search your bonded cards for 3 copies of Blood-Rite. Add 1 to your hand and shuffle the other 2 into your deck. When Occult Lexicon leaves play, find each of those copies of Blood-Rite (even if they are out of play) and remove them from the game.

Dimitri Bielak
Before the Black Throne #316.
Occult Lexicon

I think it’s worth mentioning that this (along with Hallowed Mirror) are Occult cards, meaning they can be taken by your favorite shaman and mine, Akachi Onyele! Blood-Rite is pretty versatile, the full suite netting you 6 cards over 4 actions (if you value such strict mathematical breakdowns) and can let you pitch cards you don’t need for resources that you probably do and some damage pings to boot.

Not saying it’s an automatic include or anything, but I think it’s got some good applications in her deck.

Nerindil · 2
I think running Lexicon with Akachi is a pretty good idea! She tends to be dependent on drawing key assests and has a very powerful signature card -- Blood Rite helps you find them while potentially helping you pay for them. Additionally, Arcane Initiate can draw Blood Rite, and Akachi probably doesn't mind using a hand slot for the Lexicon. — Spritz · 19
On the other hand -- having given it more thought -- spending an action to play the Lexicon so that you can spend actions to play Blood Rite so that you can spend actions playing spell assets so that you can finally be useful may not be the best plan. On the other OTHER hand, if you are reliably beating up enemies testlessly while doing the above it looks a lot better, it's just expensive. — Spritz · 19
Yeah, using Blood Rite for card draw is not super great since it draws two cards - one of which you could have drawn instead of it and the other of which you could have drawn with the action used to cast Blood Rite. It is still valuable for its flexibility and testless damage. (And it does add more targets for Arcane Initiate.) — Death by Chocolate · 12
I played this card with Carolyn, but i think it's too slow and blocks one handslot that could hold a weapon (meatcleaver in her case). It also costs 3 actions to draw the Lexicon and the 2 rites that are shuffled into your deck... — Django · 2027
I published a Minh deck a while back which was built around this card. She can take Research Librarian to tutor for it and Scavenging to fetch it back when it leaves play. combo that with Mag Glass(1) which can be used to bump it from hand at will and it means that you can continually recycle the Blood Rites without needing to draw them from your deck (although Minh has draw for days in any case) — Sassenach · 50
You don’t need to draw them with that combo, but having to spend another action and two resources seems a much steeper price - especially for Minh. — Death by Chocolate · 12
Sure, you wouldn't want to do that if you don't have to, but it does mean that you're not stuck with having to draw through the deck and allows for you to play Blood Rite multiple times in a scenario — Sassenach · 50