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XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Max 1 committed per skill test.

While Expeditious Retreat is committed during a basic evade action, it gains and the text: "If this test is successful by 2 or more, you may automatically evade another enemy at your location."

Ilich Henriquez
Point of No Return #246.
Expeditious Retreat
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Automatic Success/Failure & Automatic Evasion: Some card effects make an investigator automatically succeed or automatically fail a skill test. If this occurs, depending on the timing of such an effect, certain steps of the skill test may be skipped in their entirety.
    • If it is known that an investigator automatically succeeds or fails at a skill test before Step 3 (“Reveal Chaos Token”) occurs, that step is skipped, along with Step 4. No chaos token(s) are revealed from the chaos bag, and the investigator immediately moves to Step 5. All other steps of the skill test resolve as normal.
    • If a chaos token effect causes an investigator to automatically succeed or fail at a skill test, continue with Steps 3 and 4, as normal.
    • If an ability “automatically evades” 1 or more enemies, this is not the same as automatically succeeding at an evasion attempt. As per the entry on “Evade” in the Rules Reference, if an ability automatically evades 1 or more enemies, no skill test is made for the evasion attempt whatsoever. Consequentially, because no skill test is made, it is not considered a “successful” evasion. The investigator simply follows the steps for evading an enemy (exhausting it and breaking its engagement).
    • For example: Patrice uses the ability on Hope, which reads: “ If Hope is ready, exhaust or discard him: Evade. Attempt to evade with a base value of 5. (If you discarded Hope, this test is automatically successful.)” If Patrice chooses to discard Hope, the skill test automatically succeeds before chaos tokens are revealed; therefore Steps 3 and 4 of the skill test are skipped. However, the skill test still takes place. Cards may still be committed to the test, and the investigator’s total modified skill value is still determined, as it may have some bearing on other card abilities. However, if Patrice instead uses the ability on Stray Cat, which reads: “ Discard Stray Cat: Automatically evade a non-Elite enemy at your location,” no skill test is made whatsoever. - FAQ, v.1.7, March 2020
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This is one of those cards Wendy Adams, Rita Young, Silas Marsh and other 4+ characters use to dig themselves and/or friends out of trouble. It seems EXTREEMELY niche, but for that niche, it's very useful. The more players you get at the table the more likely the niche and more useful the card.

The kicker is that "another enemy at your location" clause, since it allows them to evade threats other than those engaged with themselves.

The reason Expeditious Retreat is in my opinion uniquely good is that it really delivers on it's intended task, like a Decoy or Bait and Switch as a means to keep pressure off a friendly fighter or clue-er and along with those other cards you've actually got a useful cardbase of mechanics to depend on.

This effect, "managing enemies" as I call it, is getting more and more useful.

Tsuruki23 · 2463
This card is especially good with Silas since it allows him to control 2 strong enemies as long as he continue to recycle this — Makaramus · 5
Card doesnt force you to evade enemy with highest evade value too so you can choose an enemy with agilty like 2, evade it by a lot and evade big dude that is almost imposible to evade too. Then take your card back at hand and use it again until you kill your enemies either by your butcher's knife or rifle — Makaramus · 5
A question. As You can commit this for other investigator evade attempt does it mean after success he/she can evede enemy at his location or you at yours? It is a bit confusing looking at where wording is more clearly. Any1? — Bany · 14
You can normally only commit cards to test taking place in your location, the only exception I can think of being [Minh]( with [Analitycal Mind]( — MetalFrame · 1
aaaaaaaaagh i failed linking card pages, anyway I believe the intended location is the one containig both enemies, it wouldn't work on an enemy elsewhere — MetalFrame · 1