Tactic. Trap.

Cost: 3. XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Attach to your location. Limit 1 per location.

Forced - After a non-Elite enemy enters attached location, discard Under Surveillance: Automatically evade that enemy and discover 1 clue at attached location. That enemy does not ready during the next upkeep phase.

Alexandr Elichev
Devil Reef #157.
Under Surveillance

I have just realized something: as you don't have to discard it after having played it, Wendy's Amulet don't force you to discard the card and you can attach it to your location. And when you discard Under Surveillance due to its forced effect, you are no longer "after you play" it so it goes to your discard. Meaning this can be the only event in your that has the double advantage of being playable from your discard and not returning below your deck.

AlexP · 243
This trick also works with a number of other cards in her pool, such as Lure, Snare Trap, and Hiding Spot. Also, most infamously: breaking the game using Premonition with Versatile. — Death by Chocolate · 1326
Ok, I assume it's the first time I want to play a card that attached to a location. — AlexP · 243
This was correct, but Wendy's Amulet has been errata'd in the meantime. The forced effect now also triggers, after you discard an event from play. — Susumu · 315
I'm not following the amulet says "AFTER you play an event OR discard an event from play.... — stm08007 · 1
... why wouldn't this be required to follow the Amulet requirements once you "Discard it from play"? — stm08007 · 1
@stm08007 it's because you are reading it from arkhamdb, where the text is already with the corrected erratum. But if you look at your physical copy of the card (maybe it's already corrected in Revised Core Set though), or even here on arkhamdb if you check the picture of the card, you will see that on the card the text reads without the part "or discard an event..." — chrome · 45

Without Chuck Fergus, this card is pretty expensive (except to Preston, Tony or parallel Skids.) With him, it gains fast and costs a buck, which is pretty good: it makes a hunter enemy lose its ability to damage your team for that turn, plus a clue!

But where this card gets very clever is in forced movement: Warning shot, or spells that move enemies mean that the foe skips two enemy phases instead of one. That means a lot of fun in TFA.

Other interesting combos is putting this with On the Hunt: your chosen foe spawns on you, is immediately evaded, and you get a clue. Leo can use this with evidence, as can Tony... or anyone who wants to give Roland Banks a fun turn.

MrGoldbee · 1370
Also combos with Alice Luxley. Skids could go On The Hunt, find an Acolyte, discover a clue and kill the Acolyte all during the Mythos phase. you can also get higher enemies by finishing them off with a fast Coup de Grace or Sneak Attack with Chuck, out just using Delilah O'Rourke's zappyboi — Zinjanthropus · 222
I don't think it's expensive for Trish either. — AlexP · 243

Bonus clue and automatic dodge. That's pretty good, although it's rather costly at 3 resources and can be hard to slot, all traps are a bit wonky to play with and around.

The obvious goodness is written right on the card, so how to trigger it? An enemy spawning will trigger it, coming into play exhausted. Hunters running into it will cause a trigger. But here's the deal, you can manually get guys into the location too! On the Hunt can fetch a victim. Moving into it with an engaged enemy does the trick, you can even skip the opportunity attack with a Shortcut or Narrow Escape, "Get over here!" gets it done too! The action efficiency is'nt bad, not only are you getting around an enemy for two whole turns this way, you get a clue, which means that playing the card is not actually a tempo loss.

It's certainly better in multiplayer than singleplayer, where there's 2-4 times as many enemies spawning and gumming up actions for everybody.

It's a good card to reenforce the flighty cluever, playing it on top of themselves so they can work on a difficult location for a while, Finn Edwards and Mandy Thompson come to mind. A dedicated protector might take it to guard a big group of characters and contribute clues.

Tsuruki23 · 2446
Chuck makes it fast and 1 cost — StyxTBeuford · 12879
Nimble can be a good one for setting it up, particularly with Parallel Skids' free triggered ability. My favorite investigator to play it in is parallel front guardian back Skids, in fact. Especially since he has a lot of other really good Chuck targets. — Zinjanthropus · 222