Spirit. Tactic.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Engage. Fight. Choose a non-Elite enemy at your location or a connecting location. Move that enemy to your location, engage it, and attack it.

Derek D. Edgell
Nathaniel Cho #14.
"Get over here!"

This thing is super expensive for an attack that deals 1 damage (Hey Randall Cho, I have a card for you!). That said, teleporting an enemy to you is GREAT, even if the attack misses!

-Use it to pull an enemy that you're having trouble engaging. -Use it to pull an enemy off-of an ally. -Use it to control positioning, which might be good in some scenarios. -Use it to cover a point of damage when your weapon deals awkward increments of damage (I,E, when you need to kill a 5-hp enemy with a 2-damage weapon and the enemy is'nt at your location).

Not a terrific card, but it's got enough versatility to be useful.

Tsuruki23 · 1198
I think you are confusing Randall and Nathaniel in your reviews. — BraidsMamma · 2
very useful to use on Cultists in Essex Express, at the very least! — Krysmopompas · 43
Engaging an enemy from afar and getting in one damage is really quite valuable. In 3-4 player games it will typically save you two or more actions. That is the sign of a potent card to be sure. — Myriad · 713
Setup for Dynamite or engage adjacent aloof enemy. — Django · 2800
Seeker of Carcosa, I'm looking at you! — Lettucefolk · 1
BraidsMamma Lol, I AM! Hahaha — Tsuruki23 · 1198

If I have an enemy already engaged with me and play "Get over here!" on a different enemy at a connecting location, does that provoke an attack of opportunity?

I mean, I did play an action to Fight (which means no attack of opportunity), but that same action was also to Engage (which usually triggers an attack of opportunity).

JetLeisten · 2
My reading is it does not trigger an op attack. This card has the fight action designator. Op attacks trigger if you spend an action other than to fight, evade, resign, or parley. The fact that this is also a Play action and an Engage action doesn't change the fact that it is a Fight action, and thus avoids op attacks. For comparison, consider that any weapon with a Fight action is also an Activate action. So if this triggered op attacks, It would follow that the Activate action on every weapon also triggers op attacks — NarkasisBroon · 1

Can I choose an elite enemy at my location to engage and attack him or the text saying non-elite apply also to the engage/fight words ? I would say yes but i'm not sure. This is expensive just to win an action but it could help sometimes.

eldiran · 1
You cannot play it without choosing a legal target (the legal target being a non-Elite enemy at your location or a connecting location, which you can do at least one of "move it to your location", "engage it", or "attack it" to. — Yenreb · 9
) — Yenreb · 9
This card is pretty awesome in my opinion provided that you have enough combat to land basic fight actions. The big benefit is for aloof enemies like Whipoorwhills but it saves you an action against Hunter enemies that will move into your location next turn and attack you. Usually you have to move to their location and then you only have two actions left to fight them. Another really useful benefit is when you have 3 enemies at one location that you have to go to. You can move one of them into your location and fight it this round and then jump into the fray. — TWWaterfalls · 549
Thanks Yenreb for the rule point — eldiran · 1