Guardian Seeker

Insight. Tactic.

Cost: 1. XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Choose an enemy at any location other than yours. Either move twice toward that enemy, or discover 1 clue at any empty location between you and the chosen enemy, along the shortest path to reach that enemy.

"The game is afoot!"
Billy Norrby
Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #84.
On the Trail

This card is a bit underwhelming. 1 card + 1 resource + 1 action for 2 Moves is not break even. And you pay 1XP for this...

Compared to Scout Ahead it is just not good. It is more situational, costs XP and moves you less far.

The 3XP version is even less interesting as you will always feel like wasting it if you don't get 2 clues out of it...

Valentin1331 · 2548
1$ clue in guardian or a 2x move? Good flexibility1 — MrGoldbee · 1148