Item. Tool. Science.

Cost: 2. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Uses (4 supplies).

When one of your card effects heals damage from an investigator, spend 1 supply: Either that effect heals 1 additional damage, or you draw 1 card and heal 1 horror.

: Heal 3 damage from an investigator or Ally asset at your location.

Mauro Dal Bo
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #56.
Surgical Kit

Fun combo with Painkillers: A fast action on Painkillers to heal a damage then triggers a reaction on Surgical Kit that heals the horror cost, and you draw a card! This seems counterintuitive in Vincent Lee with his low sanity, but it works AND he can add an On the Mend to his own hand.

PJFrigate · 200
I stumbled into this combo completely by accident with my latest vincent deck and its great. — Zerogrim · 283

For the latter option: you draw 1 card and heal 1 horror, this mean that heal damage effects can heal 1 additional horror and the owner draw 1 card, or just the owner heal 1 horror from him/herself and draw 1 card?

The owner heal 1 horror from him/herself. I think it is supposed to mean that by performing the heal with a professional kit, it also calms the doctor down to be more mentally confident? — 5argon · 7227
This card explictly states *you*, and *you* is the investigator which triggers that ability (in general, the controller of that card, no the owner). You can find the related rule interpretation here( In this case, the second bullet is profit. — elkeinkrad · 458