Item. Illicit.

Cost: 4.
Test Icons:

Customizable. Uses (3 evidence).

Exhaust Damning Testimony and choose an enemy at any location: Investigate (your location). If you succeed, you may spend 1 evidence to discover 1 additional clue at the chosen enemy's location.

Pixoloid Studios
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #59.
Damning Testimony


Search Warrant. While investigating using Damning Testimony, you may ignore any effect or keyword on the investigated location that would trigger.

□□ Fabricated Evidence. Damning Testimony enters play with 2 additional evidence on it.

□□ Blackmail. You get +2 while investigating using Damning Testimony.

□□□ Extort. When you successfully investigate using Damning Testimony, you may spend 1 evidence to automatically evade the chosen enemy.

□□□ Surveil. You may use Damning Testimony's ability to investigate the chosen enemy's location instead of your location.

□□□□ Expose. When you successfully investigate using Damning Testimony, you may spend X evidence to discard the chosen enemy if it is non-Elite. X is that enemy's remaining health.


Trish loves this card as it enables all sorts of shenanigans.

Search Warrant: I find this helpful in TCU bit otherwise probably not worth it. Fabricated Evidence: A solid upgrade. Blackmail: Ditto Extort: This allows other rogues to do Trish tricks. Surveil: I only upgrade this if I have extra XP (which never happens in Rogue) Expose: This one is too expensive to be really useful but it is good for removing that annoying cultist on the far side of the map.

My favourite combo with this card is with the .25 Automatic(2) or Dirty Fighting. Remotely evade the enemy and fight it in the same action.

Oweldon · 30
The reaction gives you an action that can only be used to attack the evaded enemy. The fight action you do is still a separate action so it’ll check the range on initialion, as always. So you can’t attack a remote target, unless the weapon/ spell allows you to — Daerthalus · 14
I'm also curious how you don't upgrade "Surveil" to fully benefit the card with Trish. Without it you keep investigating your location and you can use Trish's ability only by spending an evidence. Surveil now allows you to pick 2 clues per one investigation from any location with the enemy in play without any uses spent. — chrome · 45

Trish with Damning Testimony is strong. Her ability works amazing with it. Not only will you discover a clue at the location of the chosen enemy, but Trish's ability can have you discover a second clue also, not to mention the clue you discover at your own location. Complete the Surveil ability and you can potentially discover 3 clues at chosen enemy's location. Throw down a Deduction and you're picking up 4 clues [potentially 6 with Deduction (2)]. The +2 (Book) from the Blackmail ability is just icing on the cake. You wouldn't even need to spend the evidence on Damning Testimony with the Surveil ability to discover 2 clues at the enemy's location, making Damning Testimony an unlimited way for Trish to pick up 2 clues a turn, as long as there's an enemy at a location with clues. The only thing that keeps this from being broken is that Damning Testimony exhausts, limiting it to once per turn (unless you're double fisting Damning Testimony).

Trish gets +4 using lockpicks and they cost less than taking this at 2XP. There’s also not an easy way to restore evidence in seeker or rogue, and sleight of hand doesn’t get around the fact this exhausts. — MrGoldbee · 1370
@MrGoldbee Lockpicks doesn't pick up extra clues clues so I'm not sure that's a valid comparison. Damning Testimony picks up two clues at a time (three if you add Trish's ability) so I think OP's points are valid. I'm playing Damning Testimony in Trish right now and I agree it's pretty good, if situational (which is kind of Trish's motto, IMO). — Pseudo Nymh · 24
Para descubrir una pista en el lugar del enemigo, tiene que estar revelado el lugar? — Jose CM · 7
@jose I would say that what you need is for clues to be there. Usually clues are only placed after you reveal... (can't think of an exception right now, tbh). what you cannot do, for sure, is to discover a clue in advance (that is when you reveal the location you always put the prescribed amount of clues). — Lord Phrank · 75