Dilemma. Tactic.

Cost: –.

Max 2 Dilemma per round.

Revelation - Choose two skills (, , , or ). Until the end of the investigation phase, each investigator gets +1 to each of the chosen skills, and -1 to each other skill.

There is a certain clarity in the grim mathematics of survival.
Lin Hsiang
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #106.
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FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: I have a question regarding weaknesses and Dilemma cards with Revelation abilities: If due to card effects (e.g. Deep Knowledge), both Amnesia card and At a Crossroads are drawn, is it possible to freely choose their resolution order? If so, and I choose to resolve Amnesia first, can I choose to discard the At a Crossroads I just drew? If I choose to resolve At a Crossroads first, choose myself to immediately get an action and then randomly discard 1 card from my hand, could Amnesia be randomly discarded due to this effect? The reason I'm having a problem with this is because I don't understand where At a Crossroads is when I'm resolving Amnesia? Is it in my hand or in "Limbo"? A: Good questions. We are ruling that the Revelation ability on a Weakness (or encounter) card must be resolved before the Revelation ability on a Dilemma card. We don’t believe this is explicitly stated, but we would like to include that in the next FAQ update. And yes, if you resolved the ability on Amnesia first, it would be possible to discard At a Crossroads, since it’s a card that’s in your hand at the time. At a Crossroads isn’t in limbo until you’re resolving its ability.
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"Until the end of investigation phase" while this is drawn in Upkeep Phase means the 2 boosted skills and 2 reduced skills could be tested in Mythos Phase, before you can start using boosted skills in Investigation Phase.

5argon · 5687

Background: I played Making Preparations in a Stella Clarke deck with emphasis on Dilemmas and Katja Eastbank. We played a two-player campaign of Path to Carcosa and Stella joined the campaign after the Asylum. My partner played Joe Diamond.

Drawn during the investigation phase, Making Preparations provided a welcome boost to when investigating locations with high shroud and / when handling enemies. When drawn in the upkeep phase, Making Preparations was generally used to boost and one of the stats we deemed most useful for our next turn.

In almost every situation Making Preparations provided a welcome boost to two of our stats while the drawback seemed neglectable. In my opinion, the card is particularly good in decks with solid card draw. Here, the card provides boosted stats at no action similar to a skill but for the entire investigation phase and the entire team. I suspect Making Preparations becomes less useful the more players you play with as your team will often face a more diverse set of challenges which require more than two skills to solve effectively.