Tactic. Trick.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play before revealing a chaos token during an attack or evasion attempt you are performing, and only if the difficulty of this test is currently 0.

This test automatically succeeds. Instead of this test's normal effects, discard the attacked or evaded enemy (if it is Elite, automatically evade it and deal it 3 damage instead).

Lin Hsiang
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #105.
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All the fight/evade reduction cards that enable Exploit Weakness (not including Darrell Simmons):


  • Bolas (The Scarlet Keys #25)





-- Other:

Couple things to note:

First, between reducing fight to 0 or evade to 0, there are more tools (in Bolas and Flashlight (3)) for reducing evade than for reducing combat. There is also less opportunity cost in choosing to take Exploit Weakness in an evader's deck over a fighter's deck; fighters will likely already have plenty of tools to remove enemies from the board, and so have less need for Exploit Weakness.

Second, did you forget about Anatomical Diagrams? I sure did, but now you should never forget because it gives the most fight/evade reduction of all the current options. Even Flashlight (3) only compares on the evade side, and that's a level 3 card! What a dark horse candidate.

Third, before you're tempted to put every fight/evade card listed here into one deck, make sure you can actually make good use of them. The Survivor and Neutral cards don't necessitate anything, but Bolas requires you pass a decently hard check, and Anatomical Diagrams demands a high sanity investigator or horror-resilient investigator, or both (Map the Area on the other map is usable by almost every single investigator).

Forth, this list shrinks to only 3 entries if you want to trigger Exploit Weakness on Elite enemies, which is entirely reasonable; effectively test-less 3 damage plus an evade is nothing to scoff at. If that's your goal, only Map the Area, Gumption, and Flashlight (3) will cut it, and at that point you should consider Darrell the only viable investigator to make those cards shine, since they stack with his investigator ability.

Lucaxiom · 3488
You forgot about Quick Learner :p — Kryha30 · 10
Thanks for cataloguing these for easy reference! 1 more for the list, the very suitably named Seeker card "Expose Weakness". — HanoverFist · 544
(feh, hit enter too soon). Notable in that it has the potential to bring literally any enemy's fight down to 0, outdoing even Anatomical Diagrams and usable on Elites, albeit at the risk of an additional test that Diagrams doesn't have to worry about. — HanoverFist · 544