Ruth Westmacott
Dark Revelations

Asset. Ally

Ally. Artist.

Cost: 3.
Test Icons:
Health: 2. Sanity: 3.

Gloria Goldberg deck only. Replacement.

When an investigator fights, attempts to evade, or initiates a skill test on an encounter card, discard an encounter card that shares a Trait with that encounter card from beneath Gloria Goldberg: Reduce the difficulty of this skill test by 2.

Aleksander Karcz
Dark Revelations #20.
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Anyone who has had a chance to give Gloria Goldberg a try has likely been delighted. With an absolutely killer stat line and TWO phenomenal investigator abilities, Gloria can neutralize the ill effects of the encounter deck better than anyone we've seen so far.

This is no thanks to her artist pal Ruth Westmacott, who I think is rather unimpressive as far as signature assets go. And hey - don't get me wrong; Ruth's ability is actually super cool! But there are a lot of factors in play that are likely to prevent you from triggering it with any reasonable amount of consistency.

The first big problem is that Ruth won't generally get to trigger a bonus on a fight or evade action simply because you probably don't want to be placing enemies beneath Gloria in the first place. The ever present fear of Liber Omnium Finium will serve as a pretty serious deterrent to stashing enemies away, as Gloria really doesn't want to take a surprise non-cancellable attack and THEN be stuck with an enemy on her. Sometimes you can get Liber Omnium Finium to trigger early on on something relatively harmless, but otherwise you'll need to be aware of it for the rest of the scenario.

On the flip side of this, the card you really want to hide away beneath Gloria doesn't have a test at all, so Ruth doesn't help you there. I'm referring of course to Ancient Evils. Even though it doesn't appear in every scenario, it's just so so helpful to get one or more of these cards out of the deck, especially in multiplayer.

But let's address the real elephant in the room - Ruth takes up the hotly contested ally slot, but our old friend Alyssa Graham has nearly unbeatable synergy with Gloria's ability AND gives her that awesome +1 boost. Alyssa basically gives Gloria the ability to look at two encounter cards and pick which one gets resolved. And she can do this, actionlessly every single turn.

To be fair, I think that Ruth has the potential to be quite strong at higher player counts, especially if you are aggressively stashing cards under Gloria since you are more likely to find a test with a matching trait on the card. It's nice that the investigator doesn't have to be at Gloria's location, and it's also nice that discarding the card reduces the difficulty of the test rather than granting a positive bonus, as it turns 1 and 2 difficulty tests into auto-successes (save for the token).

And of course Ruth also has great icons, so it's not like you'll be sad when she turns up in your hand.

bricklebrite · 264
Ancient evils is an omen and plenty of omens have tests on them. Also in the circle undone spectral is a great trait to look for. It's on a lot of treacheries and Enemies ;-) — NarkasisBroon · 1
Right, but would you rather have Ancient Evils hidden beneath your investigator card -- or in the encounter discard pile, where it can get shuffled back in? This is why I think Ruth is ok at higher player counts; you can funnel encounter through Gloria relatively quickly while you wait for the worst ones to pop up. Once they do, you'll want them to stay underneath Gloria rather than giving them the opportunity to hit your team again. — bricklebrite · 264