Treachery. Weakness


Gloria Goldberg deck only. Replacement.

Revelation - Draw a random non-weakness encounter card from beneath Gloria Goldberg. That card gains peril, its effects cannot be canceled, and you get -2 to all skills while resolving its effects. If that card is an enemy, it immediately attacks you. If no card is drawn by this effect, shuffle this card back into your deck.

Andreas Zafiratos
Dark Revelations #21.
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It's unlikely, I will ever play with this card, because I don't collect the novels, and when the character will be released in a deluxe expansion, they will give her some other weakness. But this looks like one of the mildest signature weaknesses to be released.

I guess, in most scenarios, if they carry Ancient Evils, you will stick them below. It's just so beneficial, to get these out of the reshuffle. If you hit your weakness, one of three AEs will re-enter the game. It will immediately strike for once, but chances are great, you still saved your group a few rounds with it, unless you draw your weakness really early. And the other two copies are save locked away anyway, unless you draw your weakness more than once a game, which I think, Gloria should not be a particular prone character to do so.

I think with other cards, like enemies or /-tests you are much better off with assigning them to the investigator best fitting the task, and scarce special effects like Daemonic Piping can be just discarded to hinder the set collecting of the game. Also, if the weakness strikes, it just opens a new slot for a new card. Maybe I would waste one slot early on, just to make sure, the weakness would not get shuffled back and creates multiple dead draws. But that's about the worst I could think of, this weakness might force you to do. Am I missing here something? Like I said, never actually played these cards.

Susumu · 315
I think your assessment is pretty correct; as long as you're not putting enemies or feet tests under Gloria, this basically keeps a card like AE from firing for at least one round. You could be poised to win the scenario and then advance the final agenda with a bad draw, but you have to know that's a possibility. Agreed, this seems quite tame, if you're eating the right cards. — SGPrometheus · 723
Thanks for the feedback and affirmation! Yes, I don't see how anybody would want to put enemies or feet tests under her with this weakness. Would be pure masochism. — Susumu · 315
Its effects can be ignored, so deny existence would work on an attack or grasping hands — Django · 4753
If you draw an enemy that was placed underneath you (which seems like a really bad idea until this weakness is drawn), it technically gains the peril keyword. Does this only effect he initial revelation of cards? or does it mean nobody can assist you with any aspect of that card as long as it is out. — Vultureneck · 72
@ Django: sure, but this still seems a waste of resources for me. In particular, if there are other cards in the mythos deck, that make more sense to burry. @ Vultureneck: the peril keyword matter (quote RR) "while resolving the drawing of an encounter card", so it should not have any effects, once an enemy enters play. — Susumu · 315

Not a review, but if anyone is wondering what this mean, I did study a bit of Latin

"Liber Omnium Finium" roughly translates to "A Book about the End of All Things".

Esentially, the implication is that Gloria accidentally wrote a novel chronicling the Apocalypse of her world

This is already hinted by her Weakness' trait, which is "Endtimes"

A signature weakness tailored to the investigator. Looking at the two elements, the effect and the discard condition, we get:

The effect: Draw a card from underneath Gloria and play it as a peril and with disadvantages ti dealing with it. Considering that you are unlikely to put cards under Gloria unless you have Ruth Westmacott in play (and that will require Charisma, since Alyssa Graham is so much better), this is almost certainly a dead draw, unless you are trying ti keep encounter cards from a reshuffle.

The discard condition: Have it trigger an affect when drawn. Otherwise, it is getting shuffled back to provided more dead draw.

All in all, this is a way below average signature weakness, more annoying than dangerous.

You can put a harmless encounter card below Gloria, to avoid future dead draw. — Django · 4753
Fair point. — LivefromBenefitSt · 997