Wicked Athame
Cursed Blade

Asset. Hand

Item. Weapon. Melee. Cursed.

Cost: 2.


Add 1-3 tokens to the chaos bag: Fight. You get +2 for this attack for each token added as part of this action's cost. If this attack defeats an enemy, replenish 1 charge or offering on an asset you control.

Rob Laskey
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #92.
Wicked Athame


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Lily Chen can utilize this weapon greatly. It combos very well with her staples by adding charges to them:

This alone makes this card great in her deck. Just because how powerful Brand of Cthugha is. Having more uses of Enchanted Blade, especially when your deck is not developed yet, makes starter deck more powerful and reliable.

It works well with both Masks she can take. You could also consider including:

Wicked Athame takes a hand slot, yes, but Lily can afford that, or mitigate that with either version of Bandolier Bandolier or Tinker. Curse tokens added by cursed blade can be automatically mitigated when combined with Ancestral Token, and for most part it should be enough to add single token.

bugiel_marek · 17
Tinker will only work on Tool assets. — snacc · 976
Good point. Hemlock cards are still new to me. Thanks! — bugiel_marek · 17
But you can wield it if you get an occult requilary — Tharzax · 1
Good point @Tharzax. Although it's not cheap experience wise but it makes up for it being a permanent (you don't have to draw it, it's already in play from the get go) — bugiel_marek · 17
Lily can't take Living Ink as she can only take Lv 0 Mystic cards — Saros69 · 1
oooh Lv0 Ink has +1 to a skill, now I get it, my bad — Saros69 · 1