Asset. Accessory

Item. Charm. Blessed.

Cost: 2. XP: 3.


After a skill test ends in which 1 or more or tokens were revealed, exhaust Token of Faith: Add that many tokens to the chaos bag. If this skill test failed, after resolving all effects from the failed test, the performing investigator may attempt that test again. (Max once per test.)

Stephen Somers
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #126.
Token of Faith


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The card seems incredibly powerful.

First advantage which can be easily overlooked: it can be triggered for any skill test performed by any investigator no matter which location you are in. It gives the card an extreme usability.

Second: it can negate autofail. Not completely, because if you've committed Deduction or if you're trying to discard Mihn's weakness the effect of the committed skills is worn off, but if it is, for instance, a Pilfer attempt or something like Deciphered Reality... I also tend to be a magnet for autofails when I'm using Act of Desperation... It can save the day and a great chunk of tempo for the team.

Where the card seems the best for me, is when one of the team is playing from cursed tokens while all other teammates are not really ready for it. If that's the case, this card looks like a good option in the list of the top priority upgrades.

chrome · 54
I can see why people say this negates autofail, but to me the worst thing of autofail is still here: you resolve the consequences, meaning you still get 3 horror from Rotting Remains, and trying the test again won't bring anything. Same goes for Retaliate on Elite enemies. — Valentin1331 · 60762
It's reaction triggered, so you don't have to repeat the RR-test and of course won't do that. This is still auto-fail protection on tests, you do to advance the game state. It has the potential to be very powerful, in particular if you kill the boss with the last ammo, or get the required clue(s) on the last action before the final agenda advances. — Susumu · 351
Token of Faith (3) isn't designed for retaking tests on Encounter cards. If you retake the test on an encounter card, you'll just suffer the consquences again if you fail the test a second time. Token of Faith (3) is a card designed so that you don't waste tempo during the Investigation phase due to the auto-fail token or Curse tokens. In those cases, you might still suffer consequences from revealing a symbol during skill tests, but you're less likely to 'waste' actions and stay above tempo in terms of spare actions for the scenario. — Telosa · 46