The Hierophant • V
Your True Master Awaits

Asset. Tarot


Cost: 3. XP: 3.

You have 1 additional arcane slot.

Your arcane slots can be used to hold cards that take up accessory slots, and vice versa.

When the game begins, if The Hierophant • V is in your opening hand: Put it into play.

Robert Laskey
Return to the Circle Undone #7.
The Hierophant • V

Interesting and powerful card, that is released in the same box as the upgrade of Sign Magick, for the same amount of Experience, and the same resource cost.

Nevertheless, I will prefer Sign Magick to The Hierophant • V for the Fast Aspect, to keep the Tarot slot free for Four of Cups, and most importantly for a free trigger of another spell: You killed an enemy (or not btw), get a free investigation (without AoO); you didn't kill the enemy, get an extra attack or an evade to dodge the damages.

Replacing Four of Cups for The Hierophant • V to have an extra slot to play Holy Rosary is the same as paying 2 XP and 2 resources for 2 Sanity. (Mr. Pawterson is looking at you). Crystal Pendulum and St. Hubert's Key are barely better in that slot.

You're therefore more likely to use this card to improve the size of your Arcane pool.

Is it the best card in doing so?

I don't think so. Familiar Spirit and Sign Magick (0) are lvl 0 cards, and Sign Magick (3) offers insane options for the same amount of XP and using a slot that is less contested in Mystics than other classes.

For a more detailed review of both cards and more info on why I believe that Sign Magick is better, see the review of Sign Magick.

Valentin1331 · 29936

These new Tatort cards seem to be pretty strong for sure if they are released like currently perceived in the pre-release teaser over on Honestly, this card adds a whole new dimension to the Relic Hunter. Relic Hunter does not take up deck space, so adding this card and Relic Hunter will give a Mystic a total of 5 slots usable as arcane- or accessory slot as the mystic needs it. With this the Mystics who want to wield the Enchanted Blade like Diana Stanley or Akachi Onyele can do so, you can have 3 active spells at the same time, 1 fight, one clue, one evade. The possibilities are huge and up to this point you had to give up hand slots for cards like Sign Magick to gain just 1 arcane slot, now you can more than double these slots, if required, by combining a permant and a tarot card. It is a 12 XP expansion to a Mystic though, but XP well spent in the right situation I assume.

thakaris · 188
"Relic Hunter" was already a very good card for Akachi, because she can put to great use "Decorated Skull" (3) and "Empty Vessel", as well as the classic rosary of course. Not sure, if I would like the blade on her. With a base fight of 3, she has to put more work into it than with the relyable "fight with willpower" spells, but the flexibility of this card might actually make a 2xRH deck reasonable for her. — Susumu · 296
By the way, this "Return to" box comes with new Tarot cards. "Scene of the Crime" was from TFA. Fun typo, I guess your "Smart" phone was in auto correction mode? ;) — Susumu · 296
@Susumu, I have read my review a 3rd time now, and I don't get it. I didn't say anything about "scene of a crime", but this pesky auto-incorrect never guesses what I am trying to say, I give you that. — thakaris · 188
So this could max you out at 7 slots for either arcane or accessory assets (running Anna Kaslow to have 2 in play, or Moon Pendant if you don't mind using one of them for Moon Pendant. Does anyone want that? I definitely like the concept of running 7 accessories. You could be like Rex in the card art for Token of Faith. For some reason I imagine Agnes doing this. lol. — Zinjanthropus · 213
@ thakaris: check out the third word of your review. You (or your phone) wrote "Tatort" instead of "Tarot". ;) — Susumu · 296