Cost: 1. XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play after you defeat an enemy.

Discover 1 clue at your location (2 clues instead if you defeated enemies with a combined total of at least 4 printed health this turn).

Just as I suspected!
Mark Behm
Nathaniel Cho #20.

Bigger enemy, more clues. Simple, effective. If a little specific.

This is not a Bread & butter upgrade, it is'nt nearly catch-all enough. But it's a brilliant way to spend 2 XP in order to keep your deck synergy functional, I.E, rather than upgrading from Evidence! into something completely different, you get this small boost that keeps the card revelant in the long run.

This ought the be among the last 30-something XP you spend in a deck.

Tsuruki23 · 2446
"printed" health is meant literally? All effects on encounter cards like in "The Secret Name" (all non-weakness enemies gain +2 health) do not count? — Miroque · 23

"enemies", "combined total" and "this turn" fixes some inflexibilities in the original version about the location of fighting.

Simple scenario maybe fighting 3~4 health enemy near the location with weaker, dormant enemy with Spawn instruction like Acolyte. (Choose it to spawn on high shroud location.) The 1st action finished off the big enemy, 2nd action to move, and 3rd action to one-shot the weaker enemy and play Evidence to grab 2 clues. (In the case of Acolyte, then the big enemy need at least 3 printed health.)

Or perhaps if you are planning to take AoO in order to stand at location you want when you are engaged with 2 enemies (combined HP to 4), you can finish the one with stronger attack first, move and take AoO from just the weaker one, then finish it to make combined health to 4 to play Evidence getting 2 clues.

5argon · 6287
Sorry maybe dumb question but what original version? do you mean like evidence level 0? — Zerogrim · 282
Yeah, the level 0 version, without the clause in parentheses. — 5argon · 6287