RIP Scott - Millionaire with a Fire Axe

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MythosBusters · 825

This deck was made live on episode 55 of Mythos Busters for Scott to take to an invocation event. We decided to try to see what an end game Smaug Preston would look like. That is to say, we tried to flesh out the strategy of Preston gaining and then mostly sitting on a large gob of cash. Then you leverage your Well Connected and Money Talks to hit important tests. Lola Santiago is also featured here, as paying for her ability is chump change to Prestion, and Flashlight adds some extra shenanigans if you trigger her ability mid-test on a location you're currently investigating with Flashlight.

Oh, and we drew three enemy weaknesses. Hence the name.

RIP, Scott.

Check out the podcast here!:


Mar 09, 2019 guybrush · 3

Really hope Scott will talk about the experience of playing this deck in the next podcast.

This is so dumb and crazy, it might just work out fine.