Hurt Me More!

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AShottInTheDark · 1

A push your luck deck focused on self harm.

Early on Drawing Thin, Take Heart, Rabbit's Foot, and Live and Learn can be used to prep yourself for late game as Calvin acquires damage and boosts his base skills. Meat Cleaver and Ward of Protection can help accelerate progress towards putting damage and sanity on him quicker. Painkillers and Smoking Pipe will allow a balance between damage and sanity as he gets close to death.

Once he is at death's door use Bulletproof Vest, Key of Ys, and Guiding Spirit to keep him alive longer as well as boost his stats further. Since his base stats are 0 for everything as well as desiring a state of little remaining sanity, Rise to the Occasion and the skill cards requiring less than 3 sanity become very potent. Lastly Eucatastrophe and Perseverance are thrown in to help prevent anything unfortunate from suddenly happening when he's close to death.

Designed for group play in standalone scenarios in which an additional basic weakness will need to be added since the XP is 19, or as a cameo midway through a campaign.