Desperate Dark Horse Pete

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Dark Horse Duke (Solo) - Updated (my best solo deck) 350 295 52 7.0
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malcote · 21


Flexible survivor deck that intentionally lowers Pete's sanity with St. Hubert's Key in order to enable Desperate skills such as Reckless Assault and Desperate Search. In addition, it uses Dark Horse in order to buff Pete's stats while spending money on attacking with Fire Axe. Here are some notes on how to play it:

  • Try to find St. Hubert's Key and some allies early, in order to enable your desperate skills.
  • Set up Dark Horse.
  • After getting Dark Horse and your other assets set up, run around and do whatever your team needs – kill enemies, find clues, etc. with Duke.

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Campaign Log

1st Core Campaign - Night of the Living Masks - 6XP.