Leo's BAR

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wjr · 11

Some shots at Leo's

The goal of this deck is to get M1918 BAR on the table with a lot of ammo (22 to be exact). Smart? No. Fun? Yeaaaah!

Stick to the Plan with Contraband, Emergency Cache and maybe Prepared for the Worst, just in case. Or another Emergency Cache.

Mulligan for M1918BAR and Venturer.

First turn: Play Venturer at the start of the investigator phase.

  1. Emergency Cache to 4 resources
  2. Take resource (5)
  3. Play M1918 BAR + Use Venturer -> BAR has 9 ammo

Second turn: Use Venturer -> BAR has 10 ammo

  1. Take resource. (2)
  2. Take resource. (3)
  3. Action of your choice!

Third turn: Use Venturer -> BAR has 11 ammo

  1. Play Contraband -> BAR has 22 ammo!
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

Make the baddies "Eat lead!". For extra giggles play Double or Nothing.