Psychopomp and Circumstance

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HereticPriest · 65

Jim Culver is here, and the dead speak to him!

This is a hybrid Jim build that leans a bit on Chaos Control, increasing the odds that he'll draw a Skull token through Dark Prophecy and Olive McBride. He's also packing a suite of Mystic cards that will trigger on his Skull draws, which will only grow and expand as he gains more XP!


Feb 21, 2020 Lucaxiom · 755

Good grip on the strategy behind Jim Culver, but you made a key error. Like a guardian with only two weapons, or a seeker with only two tools, you're going to spend many a scenario taking draw action after draw action, hoping you top-deck Sixth Sense or Song of the Dead because you didn't have them in your opening hand. Until then, you're quickly going to realise the limitations of 3 and 3.

Compounding this problem is this deck has a maximum of 10 fight actions (12 with Knowledge is Power) in it, most of which will do one damage, some three, and maybe two will do five, thanks to Eldritch Inspiration. That's not going to cut it, even as a half-fighter, half clue-gatherer.

Other than too few fight/investigate-based assets, this is a fine deck theme for ol' Jim.