Cost: 0.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play only during your turn.

Choose a Tome or Spell asset you control, or reveal a Tome or Spell asset from your hand. Resolve an or ability on that asset, ignoring all costs (including its cost, if any). Then, if that asset was in your hand, you may discard it to draw 1 card.

... and power corrupts.
Michal Milkowski
Union and Disillusion #231.
Knowledge is Power
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Regarding the cards Knowledge is Power and De Vermis Mysteriis, if Knowledge is Power is used to trigger the ability on De Vermis Mysteriis to play, say Deciphered Reality, does Knowledge is Power ignore the cost of Deciphered Reality as well, or is it still simply played at a 1 cost deduction? A: Knowledge is Power allows you to activate the ability on De Vermis Mysteriis without paying that ability’s cost (in this case, spending an action, exhausting it and placing 1 doom on it). The rest of the ability is its effect (playing a spell or insight from your discard pile, reducing its resource cost by 1), which Knowledge is Power doesn't ignore, so you would still have to pay the cost of Deciphered Reality (minus 1 of course).
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What a card, right?

I've played just a few times with it, using Norman Withers and it was absolutely fantastic. Saves an action and a charge in one go. The obvious scenario is of course to use a standard military-oriented spell (Daisy or Norman option) and be happy about the economy. But there's more. It's fast. Which means that you can do all those things while having an enemy on your back and not causing any attack of opportunity:

Having it in your hand, along with Mists of R'lyeh can save you some time and money too. In this situation you may decide not to setup at all and just rush your way through a scenario, until an enemy shows up.

Interaction with Blood Pact is also something fun to consider. This card then essentially becomes a better version of Steadfast

So what else to say? A fun card to play and plan around.

Onetribe · 187
I may be missing something, but what's the Blood Pact interaction? BP adds doom to itself, not a spell, so you don't get a free boost. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Blood Pact is a Spell asset, so Knowledge is Power can be played to trigger its free trigger ability without paying its cost (and the doom is part of its cost). — Death by Chocolate · 12
Oh, that's what I missed. Thanks, makes sense now! — TheNameWasTaken · 3
How does this card interact with Lola Hayes' faction limitation? Her cards says she can only ' play, commit, or trigger abilities' of your class, but the wording on this card says to 'resolve' them. Can Lola in the role of Seeker play this card to activate spells/tomes of other factions? — Setzu · 195

Edit: Some Luke and Marie testing, also no need for the Lola shade.

This card is great.

At face level, this is not a bad level 0 card, you can get a bonus trigger from a combative spell like Shrivelling or clue spell like Rite of Seeking without paying any resources to put it in play or even spending an action. Pushing the limits to make 4 attacks in a turn is a great ability on it's own, well worth a card, but when you start upgrading cards and using this to key off-of them it becomes outrageously good.

  • 4 Shots from Shrivelling to deal 12 damage in a turn, normally something not possible without very big guns combined with cards.

  • Trigger Encyclopedia as a fast action, to gain that bonus to a combat relevant ability and use it to win a fight.

The sneaky bit of goodness to this card is the ability to hit cards in your hand as well, you get a chance to oust yourself from scary situations by calling upon assets you havent got in play yet, this is especially useful at the start of a scenario or when the mythos deck is killing assets or resources.

It also gives you leeway to play with an overloaded slot ( characters tend to have an overabundance of Hand items, characters have trouble with Arcane slots). While your hands or Arcane slots are full you can snipe a card in your hand, possibly saving charges on something, whilst also refunding a potential dud draw.


The biggest issue with Knowledge is Power is it's class. It's a decidedly card that's printed yellow. Which limit's it's extreme power, which I guess is fair, if this card were it'd be a contributing factor to making Akachi Onyele and Agnes Baker the uncontested best characters in the game.

The standouts who get the most from Knowledge is Power are:

  • Norman Withers, he needs to make use of his level 0 to do a lot of work, and this card definitely helps him stay relevant while he is still skilling up Shrivelling and makes him an outright powerhouse once he's got just 10 XP. The way Norman powers through a deck with his ability, you can get all of this goodness set up at breakneck pace.

  • Luke Robinson, he's fresh off the presses so I dont fully know all the options, but he has native access so he can get the fancy Tome shenanigans going that Norman cannot. I still think Norman's raw draw power wins out in the end. Also he can do some interesting teleport spellcasting.

P.S. Daisy Walker, Rex Murphy and Finn Edwards can do some stunts too, but it's coming at the cost of precious slots or locked to triggering on 0 level spells, sure you can trigger it on a big book like Pnakotic Manuscripts but really, that card doesn't hold a candle to beasts like Shrivelling or Rite of Seeking.

Tsuruki23 · 790
It’s early to say since Luke just came out, but this card does seem good for him since it’s an event. I believe he should be able to use it to make a spell attack an enemy at a connecting location. — ArkhamInvestigator · 174
Yeah the most interesting use for Luke I've found with these is using Mists of R'lyeh or Shrivelling from an adjacent location. You could also use it to directly attack an Aloof enemy adjacent to your location, as you would be playing this event as if the Aloof enemy is already engaged with you. In solo this isn't as useful as you might hope, but in multi I can see it doing a ton of work. — StyxTBeuford · 418
Re: Daisy and Rex (or any other seeker) - getting an extra (and fast) charge off of Archaic Glyphs doesn’t seem either weak or niche to me. — Death by Chocolate · 12