Asset. Arcane


Cost: 5. XP: 4.
Test Icons:

Uses (3 charges).

Spend 1 charge: Investigate. Investigate using instead of . You get +2 for this test. If successful, you discover 2 additional clues at this location. If a , , , , or symbol is revealed during this test, after this test resolves lose all remaining actions and immediately end your turn.

Romana Kendelic
Undimensioned and Unseen #233.
Rite of Seeking

Rite of Seeking (4) is unusual in that it is one of the few cards to grow more expensive when upgraded. However, it is certainly worth the cost. One danger of the previous Rite of Seeking was the waste of a valuable charge on a failed check. With the (+2) built into the upgrade Rite of Seeking this is far less of an issue. Furthermore, gaining two additional clues instead of one is a sizable gain, further compressing actions. On the other hand, it is near useful in solo play as rarely will locations have three clues on them.