[Multiplayer] Daisy Walkers the Walk & Talkers the Talk

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Note: This deck is built with another player using a damage-dealing, combat focused deck in mind.

After the house incident, Daisy was bound and determined to find out who was behind this and how to get Arkham back to a sense of normalcy. With help from a friend of hers, she set off into the city, searching for clues.

Deck Choices

During The Gathering, I did not fight much, and when I did, it was using spells. Therefore, I decided to cut Daisy's only means of strength-based combat: Knife and Overpower. In it's place I took a single Unexpected Courage just in case. I lost the card draw ability, but the wildcard stat commitments are too good to pass up.

Since Daisy is super frail, I decided to get her a Bulletproof Vest to make sure a random encountered monster wouldn't put me from "doing okay" to emergency "I'm about to die" mode. My final addition was Encyclopedia, because let's be honest; +2 to any stat is way too good to pass up, and with Research Librarian, Old Book of Lore, and Scrying, I had ways to get it out fast.

So, with these changes made, how does my deck change? Well...


Daisy continues to be an investigating powerhouse in The Midnight Masks. With 2-4 clues per location and a shroud value no greater than 4, Daisy can already find clues with her base . Boosts, if needed, come in the form of Dr. Milan Christopher (who pays for himself after a full turn of investigating), Hyperawareness, and Arcane Studies, which are useful after I've bought everything I need. Combine that with an Encyclopedia boost and there was only one way I could fail an investigation test. I felt good about those odds.


What she could do in investigating, Daisy supremely lacked in combat, something I regret in making this deck. Drawing monsters was a pain at best, debilitating to my turn at worst. Armed with only Scrying as my major attack (which desperately needed the Holy Rosary to even match most of the The Midnight Masks monsters), it was difficult for me to deal damage, and evading wasn't any easier. In a pinch, Mind over Matter helped and was the sole reason I was able to kill anything in most instances. This deck definitely relies on your damage dealing partner to fight things while you avoid it at all costs.


The Unique Cultists in The Midnight Masks are split perfectly down the middle. Half of them are easy for Daisy to parley with, and the other half require some miracles on her part. Spoilers following this paragraph. You have been warned!

"Wolf-Man" Drew: A pain in the butt to deal with. With 4 , he's tough to hit. At 4 health, he soaks up damage. Finally, if you end your turn engaged with him, he heals himself should he hit you. Leave this guy to the damage dealer.

Herman Collins: Discarding 4 cards from your hand is a steep price, I won't lie. Thankfully, Daisy's Old Book of Lore should have been filtering your hand throughout the game, so you should already have the essentials out. Just hope there's no crazy combat check to make.

Peter Warren: The easiest cultist to parley with. Daisy's forte is discovering clues, and he only requires 2.

Victoria Devereux: 5 resources was nothing thanks to Dr. Milan Christopher fueling Daisy's resource engine. Don't even bother fighting her.

Ruth Turner: Another pain to deal with. My deck did not include a lot of agility bonuses, so my only choice was to fight (which isn't too bad with my spells) or let someone else deal with her. I chose to let someone else deal with her.

Being able to easily parley 3 of the 6 cultists isn't too shabby, but again, the hard ones were just that: Hard.

Final Thoughts

The Midnight Masks was a difficult scenario. The second player and I were unprepared for how busy things quickly got, and had to rush to get the unique cultists out.

Drawing On Wings of Darkness was the worst, considering there was never any way Daisy could pass an (4) test, and the 1 damage/1 horror was annoying, too.

In addition, drawing enemies was always like losing a turn. Like I described above, Daisy's combat was very specific and could only be used sparingly, so drawing into Hunting Nightgaunts and having The Masked Hunter come after you was a constant thorn in my side. At one point, I drew Silver Twilight Acolyte for my draw step and a Hunting Nightgaunt right afterwards. Talk about a cluster!

However, once the damage dealer was ready, he took care of most of the opposition while I explored and investigated. We managed interrogating 4 cultists and fully exploring 1 location before we decided to resign. With 5 experience and a handful of interrogated cultists, Hopefully it helps out in the final chapter, The Devourer Below.

Wish us luck!