Carolyn Fern - Let me Handle Everything!

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Drin · 66

This is my first attempt of building a deck for Arkham Horror LCG and I'm open to any suggestions. I've tried to build a support, encounter-mitigation + clue gathering deck, with plenty of tools to help other players and bend bad things so that they happen to Carolyn instead. Her ability isn't explored to the max. I intend on doing that a bit better with the upgrades, but the main idea is exploring her delightful deck restrictions to the core. I'm interested in your opinion! Thanks in advance!


Nov 17, 2020 LaRoix · 1479

This looks pretty solid! One thing you've got are a lot of options to gain resources. Crack the Case, Dr. Milan (even Peter in Carolyn's case), mixed with some really cheap cards like Painkillers, Ward of Protection, Let me handle this!, etc. which means you can probably afford some more expensive toys. I'm thinking Fingerprint Kit instead of Flashlight.

The other card I'm thinking of for encounter deck control would be First Watch. I personally like First Watch better than let me handle this because let me handle this for some reason sits in my hand for a perfect moment that never seems to show.

Other than that, this looks awesome. The Solemn Vow and Self-Sacrifice combo is great!

Nov 17, 2020 Drin · 66

@LaRoixthanks for the feedback! Fingerprint Kit sure looks more adequate than flashlight in this context. I'll have to think a little because her splash to seeker and mystic cards is limited to 15 copies only, but that is a solid suggestion! Do you think First Watch and "Let me handle this!" are viable together?

Nov 17, 2020 LaRoix · 1479

Oh right, the limit. Well, I'd swap 1 mag glass then.

I'd say so. Let Me Handle This is mainly useful against treacheries with skill tests and only to protect someone against a really negative consequence. First Watch allows you to position treacheries with who would be more ideal to handle it. For some of them it won't matter, like Ancient Evils, but you also have the tech like Ward of Protection so it'd be useful for you to aggro something like that with First Watch and not waste the stat boost from using let me handle this. I don't know who you're planning to throw the enemies to though as this deck doesn't seem to have a ton of fighting. Do you have a dedicated fighter in the group?

Nov 19, 2020 Drin · 66

It truly makes sense. The First Watch not only works as a mechanism to rid myself from monsters, but also protect other players from bad tests that would hurt them. I'm still thinking about the +2 tho, it's really usefull, specially because this deck doesn't have a lot of commits. This deck was built dedicated to "The Circle Undone" Campaign that im gonna go through this friday. I have one dedicated fighter on the group and we are gonna run it in 2 players.

Nov 19, 2020 Drin · 66


Nov 19, 2020 Drin · 66

The problem is that First Watch has to be played before the cards are revealed and i really don't wanna whiff the card effect. But it is good to considerate. I'm gonna test it. Thanks!

Nov 19, 2020 LaRoix · 1479

First watch does get better the more people you have in the game. If it's Circle Undone you're doing, then you definitely can't go wrong with those willpower boosts so the +2 from let me handle this should pull some work for you.

Good luck!