Roland Banks final test before carcosa Steve

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Mar 12, 2018 jacque_stampunk 3

With Roland Banks ability do you find that you need Evidence!?

Mar 12, 2018 Zuntir 344

@jacque_stampunkWith Evidence! you can snatch two clues by kilking one monster without taking any tests(apart from combat test that is), that's pretty good in my book.

Mar 12, 2018 jacque_stampunk 3

My apologies I was looking at this as a solo deck. It is rare that there is more than 1 clue on a location when playing solo. In the case that someone were trying to play this solo I might ditch Evidence! for Working a Hunch. Although I might also reconsider .32 Colt as a whole.

Mar 13, 2018 daniel08 1

I would seriously cosnider cutting .32 Colt & First Aid for Inquiring Mind & On the Hunt. Inquiring Mind combos well with Dr.William T. Maleson & On the Hunt is great card both for dodging a dangerous treachery card and also for fishing some VP enemies out of the deck. 6 weapons + 2 prepared for the worst are a bit too much and you will find yourself with just pitching most of them for their icons..Also you might also want to replace Overpower with Guts

Mar 13, 2018 Zuntir 344

Until author himself will comment we don't know for which player count this deck is meant. Having said that i guess it's a multiplayer deck for 3/4 players, assuming it's correct than i'd argue On the Hunt is a good choice. At 3/4 players there is high that an enemy will be drawj anyway during Mythos Phase, Taunt is much better as it saves action to engage an enemy/enemies. Agreed that First Aid should be dropped, it's just too slow. Regarding .32 Colt, it's fine in my opinion, 6 weapons pretty much guarantee there will be one in opening hand and you will almost never run out of ammo. And remeber that Machete bonus often doesn't work in multiplayer as it's not uncommon to be engaged with multiple enemies.